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Introducing Design Sidekick: a Chrome extension by Pagecloud

Robin Gandy, March 3, 2023

The team at Pagecloud is so excited to announce the release of Design Sidekick! Design Sidekick is a Chrome extension that finds colors, fonts, and styles used on any webpage, making it easier than ever to inspire your website design, build your brand kit, and manage your SEO. 

Read on to learn more about using Design Sidekick, or install Design Sidekick from the Chrome store.

Why we made a Chrome extension

Design Sidekick was built as a tool for designers and marketers to help inspire, build, and manage websites and brand kits. Design Sidekick is meant to operate as a helping hand for those with little to no experience in website development. We understand the level of work and detail that goes into creating an online presence which includes branding, design, site structure, and search engine marketing.

Design Sidekick was made to help you with your every day design and marketing tasks. You can install Design Sidekick from the Chrome store to your Chrome, Brave, and Edge browsers. 

For designers

Finding inspiration is a crucial first step in the design process. Designers are constantly on the lookout for new styles, color pallets, and font combinations. Design Sidekick is the easiest way instantly find out what styles are used on a web page, save those styles for later, and copy styles to your clipboard.

Design Sidekick makes it easy to create a brand kit to maintain consistency across your website. Work for an agency? Use Design Sidekick to ensure you're sticking to your client's brand guidelines. 

With this extension, you can speed up your workflow by saving colors, fonts, and CSS styles to your library, and using our powerful copy paste function to put your styles into use. 

For marketers 

We understand the level of work and detail that goes into managing a website's online presence. Design Sidekick helps maintain brand consistency across your website, or your client's website. You can ensure you're using the right colors, fonts, and styles without need to open Dev tools. 

Design Sidekick also helps manage on-page SEO with the SEO checklist. Ensure your pages are optimize for search results and social media feeds with our SEO tag and Open Graph tag checklists. 

Design Sidekick features 

Design Sidekick is easy to use, but it comes jam packed with features to help you design and manage your website! Let's take a look.

Design Styles

Design styles include colors and typography. When you open Design Sidekick on any web page, the extension will instantly surface all the colors, fonts, and text styles used on that page. 

Sort the colors by Hue, Dark, Light, or Usage. Then you can copy RGB, or save the color to your favorites. 

In the typography tab, you can see all the fonts used on the page. Copy the font to your clipboard, or save the font to your favorites. You can also view the text styles include H1, H2, H3, and paragraph. 

SEO and Open Graph checklist

Design Sidekick will also instantly surface a checklist of important SEO and Open Graph tags so you know what's on the page and what's missing from the page. SEO tags such as title and description tags are important for ensuring your site will display properly in search engines such as Google. 

Learn more about using Meta tags

An Open Graph checklist is also available to surface all Open Graph tags that are on or missing from the page. Open Graph tags determine how a webpage will display in social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about using Open Graph tags

Design Sidekick also renders a preview of how the page will display. 

Inspect Page

The Design Sidekick inspector allows you to click on any page element to view the CSS. The inspector is an easier and faster alternative to using Dev tools, especially for those who have no experience in development. 

For example, above you can see the CSS of a button. You can copy the CSS, or save the style to your library to use later. 

Favorites library

Your favorited styles will display in your extension library! Sort by type including color, font, and text styles. You can also sort by source, meaning you can filter your results based on the website from which you favorited the style. 

Even better with a Pagecloud account

We made Design Sidekick for everyone, but it's a great companion to the Pagecloud platform. Pagecloud users can benefit from unlimited favourites and faster editing. 

Copy paste onto Pagecloud objects

You can use the Copy button in your extension and paste styles directly onto your Pagecloud objects including text, buttons, and images. 

Style library

With a Pagecloud account, you will have access to unlimited favorites! Your favorites will also sync to your library in Pagecloud so you can easily access and edit styles. Click objects to apply styles. 

Edit in Pagecloud

Pagecloud users can also benefit from the Edit in Pagecloud button on the extension which allows you to jump from your live website page directly into Edit mode. 

What's next? 

This is the first iteration of Design Sidekick, and there is still room to grow! We hope that Design Sidekick can be the perfect helping hand for your design and marketing work. 

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Robin Gandy

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