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Amplify your biggest marketing asset

Increase your website traffic and get more customers using Semrush's powerful search engine marketing tools inside your Pagecloud website builder.

Beautiful websites that outrank the competition

Build your site and optimize for search as you go.

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Design, Build, Publish

Create and manage a no-code custom website

A website is the centre of your online presence! Easily launch a custom website for your business and manage your content as your grow.

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Research, Optimize, Monatize

Boost traffic and sales with search engine marketing

Get more traffic and grow your business and with keyword research and other search engine marketing with Semrush.

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Semrush Keyword Research in Pagecloud

Research the best keywords to include in your websites title tags, descriptions, and content.

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Search for keywords

Find relevant short or long tail keywords to include in your website's content.

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Compare keywords

Sort and filter keywords by search volume, difficulty, and cost per click.

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Add to your favorites

Save your keywords for later use across your website and blog posts.

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Get started for free

Create a one page website and blog, and start researching keywords for free!

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Do more with Semrush

Conduct site audits, track search rankings, and research your competitors, and more.

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Create targeted content

Publish blog posts and landing pages that target your keywords to continue to drive new traffic to your site.

Getting started  

Create a Free Pagecloud account ->

Sign up with an email address and start creating your website right away!

Start researching keywords

Open the page or blog post you want to optimize. Then, in the Page or Blog settings open the SEO tab.

Click Get Started to create and connect a free Semrush account and begin your keyword research.

Launch your website

Publish your site and start generating traffic.

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