Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Riders (We Rode Them All)

Thank you for taking interest in our post on the best electric scooters for heavy riders! We have since ridden and reviewed even more scooters, and have updated our post to include our latest findings and insights. If you’re interested in getting the most up-to-date information, we recommend heading over to the new post.

No Big Dawg wants to look like a T-Rex on a tiny scooter that can’t keep up in traffic. 

Scooters aren’t just for the small guys. If you’re a bigger rider and need a scooter that can handle your stature, you’ve come to the right place.

We tested 46 electric scooters for heavy adults rated for at least 250 lbs and 22 scooters rated for at least 300 lbs to bring you our top picks for heavy riders. Our final lists includes scooters that can handle up to 400 lbs.

We paid special attention to listed and realistic weight capacity, deck size, stem length, power, and realistic heavier-rider performance.

Best Electric Scooters For Heavier Riders Summary (220 lb to 350 lb)

Note: *Top speed, range, and hill climb rating are based on our performance tests and adjusted for a 250 lb rider. However, riding style and stature will greatly impact some of these numbers, which should be used as a guideline only.

ScooterPriceMax Rider WeightTop Speed*Range*Hill Climb*
Hiboy S2$449270 lb16.1 mph10.8 miPoor
EMOVE Touring$899310 lb18.3 mph15.9 miGood
Apollo Explore$1,199270 lb25.4 mph23.9 miGood
EMOVE Cruiser$1,499350 lb22.3 mph42.8 miGood
Apollo Ghost$1,699300 lb32.6 mph18.9 miVery Good
Kaabo Mantis$1,649260 lb33.4 mph24.7 miVery Good
Apollo Phantom$1,999300 lb33.2 mph24.1 miExcellent
Kaabo Wolf King$2,999330 lb50 mph28.4 miExcellent
NAMI Burn-E$4,499330 lb49.9 mph45.3 miExcellent

Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults, Ordered Least to Most Powerful

Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2 is the cheapest ride that is acceptable | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Hiboy S2: Not Amazing, Best Option For Bigger Riders On A Budget

29 lb
270 lb
11 mi
16 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

Sometimes you just have to settle for what you can get.

This certainly the case with the Hiboy S2, the cheapest option on our list.

Dual spring suspension helps to dampen road vibrations and solid tires make for low maintenance.

The scooter is rated to support up to 270 lbs, though expect to crawl up modest hills and walk the scooter up steeper ones.

The unfortunate fact is bigger, more powerful scooters are just more expensive. However, the S2 is an acceptable choice if you want to get your feet wet and see what electric scootering is all about.

You can always upgrade later.

EMOVE Touring

EMOVE Touring: Supreme Ride Quality For Bigger Riders

40 lb
310 lb
16 mi
18 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

The Touring has a supremely comfortable ride and is actually portable.

Its 22.8-inch long deck is disproportionately large given that it is super compact, when folded.

Suspension is simply amazing and the very high ground clearance means that dropping off of curbs won’t be a problem.

Overall build quality is decent, but feels like it lags a bit behind more premium models.

The biggest downside to the Touring is it only has rear wheel braking and the rear tire is solid. This makes it prone to skidding on slippery surfaces or when stopping quickly.

Apollo Explore

Apollo Explore electric scooter

Apollo Explore: Rock-Solid Commuter For Heavier Riders

53 lb
270 lb
25 lb
24 mi
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

If you are a bigger rider and need a great scooter, get the Explore.

The Explore is kind of a go-to scooter that’s basically good at everything but not too much of any one thing. It’s why the Explore is one of the best scooters overall and one of the longest-ranged.

By no means cheap, the Explore also isn’t outrageously expensive yet gives you 24 mi of range and 25 mph top speed. Acceleration is fast and its beefy disc brake can handle larger riders.

Fit and finish is very good. The ride is comfortable due to big deck and dual suspension. Additionally, the Explore is backed with an up to 2-year warranty, that is a first in this industry (though may vary, depending on retailer).

EMOVE Cruiser

Ramier cruising on the Cruiser | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

EMOVE Cruiser: Legendary Range Scooter Does It All

52 lb
350 lb
43 mi
22 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

Like the Energizer Bunny, the Cruiser just keeps going and going and going. Simply put, its range is legendary.

The Cruiser is stuffed to the gills with a giant 1560-wh battery, turn signals, electronic horn, semi-hydraulic disc brakes, a giant deck, and dual spring suspension.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s actually IPX6 water resistant? That’s right, you can actually ride the Cruiser in the rain without fear of killing the scooter (though we don’t recommend soaking it).

The Cruiser is a great ride and its 52-lb weight is still portably enough for most. Its stem locks into place for easier carrying though its angular shape is not optimal for your hands.

Man standing on deck of EMOVE Cruiser
The Cruiser’s big deck accommodates even the biggest shoe sizes | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Heavy rider or not, the Cruiser one of the best scooters of all time. We can’t wait to see how future iterations improve on an already incredible scooter.

Apollo Ghost

Ramier smashing on the Ghost | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
64 lb
300 lb
19 mi
33 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

Apollo Ghost: Fast, Dual Motor Scooter Is Huge Value For Heavyweight Riders

The Ghost delivers ultimate value for heavier riders that aren’t content to cruise, but want a ride that smashes.

The Ghost tics many of the boxes that larger riders are looking for:

  • fast top speed
  • powerful dual motors
  • dual suspension
  • big (10.0-inch) air-filled tires
  • tall handlebars (41.0 inches)
  • high ground to deck clearance (5.5 inches). 

The Ghost’s braking is among the best and its total 1600 watts of power propels heavy riders uphill quickly.

The suspension could provide more damping for Big Dawgs, but does eat most of the smaller bumps.

Hi there! You might be looking for our updated post on the best electric scooters for heavy riders. Click here to check it out. 

Kaabo Mantis

Bigger rider blowing by on Kaabo Mantis
The Mantis is light, but surprisingly fast | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
62 lb
260 lb
25 mi
33 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

Kaabo Mantis: Lightweight Powerhouse Punches Above Its Weight

What can you say about one of the best dual-motor scooters of all time that can handle larger riders up to 265 lbs, yet is a (relatively) svelte 62 lbs? 

The Mantis has enough power to send heavier riders flying up hills. Big pneumatic tires. It is the fastest scooter in its weight range and it’s power-to-weight ratio is one of the best. Adrenaline-seekers will want to opt for the Pro version.

Due to its weight, size and excellent tire profile, the Mantis is a very fun and nimble scooter to ride. Even bigger riders will find agility on this scooter.

The Mantis’ stem folds and locks into place for carrying.

However, the Mantis is a fair-weather scooter with no IP rating and obvious gaps where water can intrude.

Dig more into this scooter in our full review.

Apollo Phantom (52V)


Ramier putting the Phantom through its paces | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
77 lb
300 lb
24 mi
33 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

Apollo Phantom: Next Generation Scooter

The Phantom is a next generation scooter that inches the industry toward truly vehicle-quality builds and incorporates much needed design upgrades.

Capable of handling riders up to 300 lbs, the Phantom has an intelligent LED display, thumb throttle, and superb rock-solid folding mechanism with extra safety pin.

Badly-needed features like bright high-mounted lights, an electronic horn, turn signals come standard. Fenders are smartly positioned keep the rain off your tail and IP54 water-resistance make this an all-weather scooter.

The Phantom is also no slouch when it comes to performance. Its dual motors put down a 39.7 mph top speed (165 lb rider) and around 33 mph with a 250 lb rider.

Oh, and the promised Phantom Ludicrous is even faster.

Kaabo Wolf King

Kaabo Wolf King: Absolute Menace Rated Up To 400 lbs

105 lb
330 lb
28 mi
50 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

The King moniker is apt for a scooter that holds the ESG record for fastest in the world and is capable of carrying the heaviest riders up to 400 lbs.

It feels like the King was made for bigger riders. Everything about this scooter is oversized, overpowered, and over-the-top.

Tipping the scales at 105 lbs, the King is big in its own right and makes for a supremely durable ride.

If you aren’t familiar with the King, then you should know that it is ridiculously quick and puts down a stunning 8.4 second 0 to 40 mph time and tops out at 59.4 mph with a - and closer to 50 mph with a 250 lb rider.

The front motorcycle-style hydraulic fork and beefy rear spring give about the most damping possible. The huge deck is supremely comfortable. Minimotors EY3 throttle is incredibly punchy.

Though a handful of users experienced a fork mount that could fail when over-torqued, new versions ship with a stronger, forged part.

Bigger riders need bigger, badder scooters. And that’s exactly what the Wolf King is.


NAMI Burn-E: Warp Speed Scooter For Even The Heaviest Of Riders

103 lb
330 lb
45 mi
50 mph
Top Speed**
**Based on our performance tests, adjusted for 250 lb rider

The Burn-E is the longest range electric scooter, one of the fastest, and one of the best for heavier riders.

Its highly-anticipated 2021 launch was marred by a fiasco due to eco-friendly boxes that didn’t hold up during shipping. However, these teething issues now seem to be work out.

The scooter itself is simply fantastic.

First off, it’s very fast and even those pushing 300 lb will be impressed with its stellar acceleration and hill climb ability.

Incredible, adjustable hydraulic suspension puts heavier and larger riders in control of scooter’s immense power. Features like a hand-welded exoskeleton-like frame with internal support members make for next-level quality.

The Burn-E’s designers went with a thumb throttle, which is more comfortable for the rider and better for controlling the scooter’s power. They also custom-designed a giant, beautiful display (though it could be a bit brighter).

Overall the NAMI Burn-E is one of the best out there, with its $4,499 price being its biggest downside.

See whether these scooters made it on our recently updated video on the ‘Top 5 Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders (Dual Motor)’

Considerations For Heavier and Bigger Riders

Electric scooters are for everyone, but not every electric scooter will work for all sizes and shapes.

Heavier and bigger riders need stronger, bigger, more powerful scooters that can handle their size and perform well. This means bigger decks, stronger frames, more battery capacity, stiffer suspensions and more motor power.

Here are the considerations bigger riders should think about when shopping for the perfect scooter (and what we factored into our picks).

Should you exceed rated weight capacity?

If you’re looking for a scooter, one of the first parameters you’ll notice is the rated weight capacity. It’s typically around 220 lbs, which is a huge bummer for a lot of riders.

Many riders get away with exceeding the rated weight capacity, but we don’t recommend it.

The problem is you never know why the manufacturer specified the rating. It could be related to a limitation of the tires or the frame. A tire blowout or mechanical failure at speed could be deadly. It could also be that the motor isn’t very powerful and riders above the weight capacity will have poor performance.

However, because we have no way of knowing, the best thing to do is play it safe and get a scooter that has a sufficient weight capacity (thankfully there are lots … and the best ones are all on this list!)

Range and top speed decrease for bigger riders

Heavier riders will notice that the top speed and range they get from a scooter is generally less than what smaller riders (including our standardized performance tests @ 165 lbs).

How will does range decrease for bigger riders?

Decreases in range (and top speed) can be as little as 10% and more than 50% for really big riders that are riding at top speed.

Deck size is king for comfort

Deck size, which is the amount of standing space you’ll have on the scooter, is king when it comes to comfort and ride quality. Bigger riders have bigger feet that need space and tiny decks just won’t cut it. 

Pro Tip: You can see deck size for every electric scooter in our database (click Show Dimensions slider)

Heavier riders need strong scooters

Build quality is always important, but it’s even more important for heavier riders that will be putting more stress on the frame. Build quality can be hard to quantify and is not defined by any single stat. 

Our team of experts tested every scooters on this heavy rider list. We carefully evaluate build quality, materials, assembly, and design.

Motor power gets Big Dawgs up hills

More powerful (and usually more than one) motors and bigger controllers are essential for heavier riders that want to get up to speed quickly and climb hills well.

Riders about 220 lbs should almost exclusively look at dual motor scooters with at leasts 1000 watts of nominal power.



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