Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders (2022 Update!)

For those on the heavier side, we have compiled a list of the best electric scooters for heavy riders.

At ESG, we have had the opportunity to test out over 100 different electric scooters. This has given us a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding the perfect scooter for each individual rider. Our resident big dawg, Ramier, is here to shed some light on the different heavy-duty scooters for bigger, taller, and heavier riders weighing over 220 lbs

The Lowdown

No Big Dawg wants to look like an elephant in a clown car; no adult (at least in our opinion) wants to look like they’re riding a child’s toy out in public spaces.

If you are a heavy rider, you know that finding the right electric scooter can be a challenge. Most electric scooters are simply not built to accommodate riders over 220 lbs, and as a result, riders in this category often find themselves struggling with performance as compared to lighter riders. However, there are a few rides in the electric scooter industry specifically designed for heavier adults, and these scooters offer several advantages. 

First, electric scooters for heavy riders are typically equipped with more powerful motors and controllers, which means that they can handle hills without losing power and support heavy loads without compromising performance. Second, they often have wider decks, higher clearance, and thicker tires, which provides a more smooth ride. They are also fitted with robust braking systems. And finally, they usually come with features like suspension, and higher and wider (sometimes adjustable) handlebars, which make them even more comfortable to ride.

As electric scooters become increasingly popular, it has become increasingly important to have authoritative guides for diverse groups of riders. However, the big dawg perspective is still widely underserved in the electric scooter review space, with the majority of expert reviewers falling in the 160 lbs– 200 lbs rider weight bracket.

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders: Summary

Electric ScooterRider Weight LimitCategory (What it’s the Best At)
#1 Wolf King GT 330 lbsMatch Made in Big Dawg Heaven
#2NAMI BURN-E330 lbsScooter Rookie of the Year
#3 Apollo Phantom (52V)
300 lbsNext Level of Innovation that Leaves you Looking Cool 
#4 Kaabo Wolf Warrior X265 lbsThe Perfect lightweight for Heavyweights
#5 Apollo Ghost 2022285 lbsHuge Value for Heavyweight Riders Looking to Start their Dual-Motor Journey
#6 Dualtron Thunder II265 lbsThe Right Kind of Crazy Power
#7 Hiboy S2265 lbsCheapest Alternative for Heavy Riders
#8 EMOVE Touring308 lbsLegendary Range
#9 EMOVE Cruiser352 lbs Best Under $ 1000
#10 Anyhill UM-2300 lbsBest Swappable Battery

Kaabo Wolf King GT

Kaabo Wolf King GT (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
Kaabo Wolf King GT, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 61.0 mph*
Tested range: 55.0 mi*
Weight: 125 lb*
Max rider weight: 330 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Fastest Production Scooter
2nd Longest Range We've Tested
Unmatched Stability At Top Speed
Great Stopping Power
Industry-Leading Lighting
Typical Of Kaabo Scooters
The Scooter Is Big
Heaviest Scooter We've Tested; Beats The Number Two By About 10 lbs
The Side Stand Can Potentially Injure Your Ankle

Kaabo Wolf King GT: Match Made in Big Dawg Heaven

Kaabo Wolf King GT
Kaabo Wolf King GT, Electric Scooter Guide

Why is the Kaabo Wolf King GT Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

Few scooters come as polished as the Kaabo Wolf King GT . If you’re talking about top-rankers in a performance category, best believe the Wolf King GT will be in the top 5. Needless to say, that makes the GT Pro perfect for heavy riders whose riding concerns require a little more power and a lot more efficiency. Here is why we particularly love the Wolf King GT :

  • An extremely capable ride in terms of speed, acceleration, range, hill climb
  • Dual motors that produced a combined motor power output of 8400w
  • High rider weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • A large treated battery of 2520 WH
  • Dual suspension setup
  • Huge 11 inch x 4 inch pneumatic tires 
  • Dual hydraulic brakes
  • Great deck dimensions: 20 inches x 9 inches
  • Perfect handlebar height at 40 inches and width at 29 inches
  • Remarkable deck clearance at 6 inches


Meet the fastest production scooter in the world–the Kaabo Wolf King GT. At 61 mph, there’s no stopping this scooter. It will keep up with traffic and only falls behind the NAMI BURN E and the NAMI BURN E-2 MAX in quick acceleration to 15 mph. Regardless of the rider’s weight, there’s no catching this scooter in a race. We have the stem located, dual SineWave 72V, 50A controllers to thank for the smooth and progressive output needed for peak performance.

The big dawgs have an even better time with the large battery that holds plenty of power for long excursions or adventurous exploration. The Wolf King GT carries a 72V 35Ah, 2520 wh battery that comes with either LG M50 or Samsung 50E cells–either option will do just fine as brand name cells tend to be more energy dense than generic ones. The battery and controllers efficiently get the King GT to 55 miles on a single charge, which is the second longest range we’ve tested.

The sheer power and range call for a priority on ride ergonomics, which the GT is also known for. Riders enjoy riding on large 11 inch x 4 inch puncture-proof pneumatic tires, which are complemented by a front hydraulic and rear spring suspension for a comfortable ride experience. The Wolf King GT also comes with Kaabo’s legendary dual fork installation that gives the scooter stability and excellent handling. 

Riders get to shift stances on the 20 inches x 9 inches deck while enjoying the most accommodative handlebars for big riders that come at the height of 40 inches and width of 29 inches. This was particularly fun for our big dawg during the hill climb test, where the King GT reached the top in 6.5 seconds, second to the BURN E’s remarkable 6.3 seconds win. 

Like the NAMIs, the King GT also has a dead zone at the beginning of travel but smooths out as you pick up on power. But, with the King GT, you won’t have to worry about whether the scooter will hold up at speed or whether you’ll retain control in top performance. The King GT lets big dawgs chase adrenaline with the freedom you’re meant to experience on a scooter, thanks to its best-in-class performance and stability at peak performance. 

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NAMI BURN-E (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
NAMI BURN-E , Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 58.8 mph*
Tested range: 53.3 mi*
Weight: 106 lb*
Max rider weight: 330 lb
Water resistance: IP55


Great Performance Value For Your Money
Smooth And Comfortable Ride
One Of The Three Premium Scooters From The Nami Range
Exotic Looks–With A Cool Factor
Dreaded Dead Zone In Throttle
You Might Pinch Your Finger When Lifting The Scooter
The Short Brake Cable Calls For Caution When Folding The Scooter.

NAMI BURN-E:Scooter Rookie of the Year

NAMI BURN-E , Electric Scooter Guide

Why is the NAMI BURN-E Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

It’s hard to imagine that the heavy duty electric scooters from Nami just recently came into existence. If you’re looking for a scooter that gives everything, no compromises, the NAMI scooters are it. The NAMI BURN-E is the brand’s initial offering, and it came and set new standards across the board for what a performer scooter should be. Here’s why big dawgs need to consider getting the original BURN E (or any other NAMI–they are honestly all good):

  • Dual 1500 w motors with 3000 w output
  • Supports a maximum rider weight of 330 lbs
  • Packs a large battery rated at 2520 wh from either Panasonic, LG, or Samsung
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Huge air-filled tires measuring 11 inches x 4 inches
  • Dual Nutt hydraulic brakes
  • Record-breaking performance for speed, range, hill climbing, and acceleration
  • Overly generous deck real estate
  • Tallest handlebar height in the ESG database


What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? Well, the NAMI BURN-E should be on that response sheet for you if you’re a big dawg and for anyone else that wants to get blown away by a scooter. It is a scooter that broke nearly all performance records by ESG and set the groundwork for its successors, the NAMI BURN-E 2 and the NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX, that are just as incredible, if not more.

Let’s get into why this is the perfect electric scooter for heavy riders. For starters, the scooter’s stature feels like it was intentionally designed for bigger and taller riders. It sports the tallest deck to handlebar height we’ve tested at 42 inches. Even more impressive is the enormous deck that is uncompromising with larger feet sizes, at 22 inches x 11 inches. The handlebars are also wide to allow riders to comfortably lean in as they sprint off on this beast scooter.

Performance-wise, it feels like it can’t get better than the NAMI BURN-E. The scooter is fast–in fact, the fastest scooter to 15 mph in our database. The powerful motors with a 3000 w output also give the scooter the most impressive hill climbing ability, maintaining the highest speed we’ve seen on our hill climb test at 22 mph. Even with our big dawg, no hill was a match for the NAMI BURN-E’s incredible power.

The 2304 wh brand name batteries are also responsible for powering the scooter through the third longest range on our database at 53 miles. The enormous power reserve on the battery is necessary for big dawgs as the motors demand more power to carry heavier loads. You will also appreciate the efficiency of the Sine wave controllers that effectively counter load-related range reduction experienced by heavy riders.

The scooter has one of the best build qualities we have–it is basically a tank and supports a load capacity of 330 lbs. It comprises a hand-welded aluminum frame and a carbon fiber stem, resulting in a sturdily built scooter. An adjustable steering damper complements the sturdy welded tubular frame. The NAMI BURN-E also comes with adjustable front and rear hydraulic suspension–you can dial in the rebound damping from bouncy to smooth, based on your riding style, terrain, and style.

Paired with some of the largest tires we have on a scooter (11 inches x 4 inches), you already know that this scooter will give you the ride experience of your life. On the other hand, the Nutt hydraulic brakes are excellent for ensuring that the scooter comes to a precise stop when needed.

Check price and availability for the NAMI BURN-E in your country.

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Apollo Phantom (52V)


Apollo Phantom (52V) (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
Apollo Phantom (52V), Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 39.7 mph*
Tested range: 31.4 mi*
Weight: 76 lb*
Max rider weight: 300 lb
Water resistance: IP54


An Impressive Lighting Profile
Best In Class Ride Ergonomics
We Love The Next-Gen Display
Unique And Beautiful Design
The Steel Kickstand Is Stronger And Better
It Lacks a Bell
It Lacks Front Turn Signals

Apollo Phantom 52V, 2022:Next Level of Innovation

Apollo Phantom (52V)
Apollo Phantom (52V) Electric Scooter Guide

Why is the Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

Besides being the most futureproof scooter, the Apollo Phantom also delivers one of the most impeccable riding experiences in a feature-rich package. But there are more reasons why we would recommend the Phantom for heavy riders, including:

  • Dual motor setup, with 2400 W of continuous power
  • Max rider weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Quad spring suspension system
  • Large, wide air-filled tires measuring 10 inch x 3 inches
  • Excellent handlebar height and width
  • Adequate ground clearance


Few manufacturers take quality standards as seriously as Apollo, which could not be any more evident than with the Apollo Phantom. This electric scooter was developed in-house by Apollo’s engineers, which explains the unique parts seen all over the scooter. To sweeten the deal even further, Apollo made the Phantom the most futureproof scooter with multiple upgradable parts and plug-and-play cabling. The Phantom is the scooter that will never go out of season.

But what makes it one of the the best electric scooters for heavy riders? Well, the scooter comes with powerful dual motors that churn out 2400 W of power. The motors can handle a max load capacity of up to 300 lbs without losing power, even when going uphill. On top of that, the Phantom is incredibly fast, reaching a maximum speed of 40 mph. And to ensure that you never miss a stop sign, you can choose to have your Phantom come with mechanical disc brakes or the more superior hydraulic disc brakes.

The ride is intuitive and quite comfortable. The fat 10 inch x 3 inch tires are the best you’ll find on a production scooter. Coupled with the unique quad suspension, you can confidently take corners and bumps–and it’s a nice bump up from the regular dual suspension set up on most performance electric scooters. The ride doesn’t feel bouncy at all, and you feel connected to the ground at speed. What’s more, the suspension is adjustable, so you can easily set it up to match your weight, riding style, and terrain.

The ride ergonomics are something else. The Phantom has excellent build quality–very big dawg friendly. The handlebars sit tall, 40 inches from the deck, which is great for tall riders. The grips are also of really good quality and don’t slip out of place when riding. The deck itself gives 20 inches  x 7 inches of riding platform, allowing riders to adopt the most comfortable stances. And if the space is not enough (which we highly doubt), you have a nicely angled footrest to give extra standing space. The 5 inch clearance is great for rolling over bumps or hopping off curbs.

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Kaabo Wolf Warrior X

Wolf Warrior X (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
Wolf Warrior X, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 44.1 mph*
Tested range: 32.0 mi*
Weight: 80 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Industry-Leading Lighting Profile
Great Stability
Comfortable Ride Experience
Portable Heavyweight Electric Scooter
Excellent Top Speed And Acceleration
Weak Plastic On The Side Lights
Throttle Ergonomics Are Not The Best
Display Is Not The Easiest To Read

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X: The Perfect lightweight for Heavyweights

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Wolf Warrior X, Electric Scooter Guide

Why is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

The Warrior X electric scooter is a stellar scooter, with one of the smoothest rides and with a fantastic fit and finish. Here are more reasons why the Wolf Warrior X is a good pick for heavy riders:

  • Robust dual motors at 2200 w continuous motor power
  • High load capacity of 265 lbs
  • Great suspension system comprising hydraulic dual stem front suspension and rear spring
  • Plush 10 inch pneumatic tires
  • Relatively large battery capacity with LG cells
  • Large deck clearance
  • Dual disc braking for uncompromised stopping 
  • ESG certified good performance for its class: acceleration, speed, and hill-climbing


We’ve called the Wolf Warrior X (base model) the quiet industry leader, and that observation still stands true. It is the smaller version of the ultra-popular Wolf Warrior 11+, with uncompromised performance and ride comfort. If you’re a big dawg looking for the Warrior 11+ performance with a more affordable price tag and a more portable footprint, the Warrior X (base model) is an electric scooter that will exceed expectations.

The Warrior X base comes with Kaabo’s signature oil-damped, ultra-stable dual stem front end. This gives the electric scooter one of the most stable rides and excellent handling. To complement this, the scooter’s motors are equipped with sine-wave controllers that are quiet, efficient, and smooth in operation. 

The ride is comfortable thanks to the hydraulic dual stem front suspension and rear spring/ polyurethane suspension system. The electric scooter also has large, fat tires at 10 inch x 3 inch to cushion against road shocks. Riders get a 21 inch x 7 inch riding platform that is raised 5 inches off the ground to prevent scraping. The deck space is on par with most light-heavyweight scooters giving riders more than enough open room for movement during long rides. Big and tall riders will also benefit from the 39 inch raised handlebars for a comfortable riding experience.

The Warrior X is also a performer, equipped with a 1260 wh battery with superior LG cells that rides as far as 32 miles. This is the only performance area where the Wolf-X Pro beats the base model. The large battery is important in providing enough power to the motors, which will carry a heavier load in this case. The scooter is also fast, reaching top speeds of 44 mph, and is an even better hill climber, beating most electric scooters we’ve tested and sustaining a speed of 18 mph to the top of our hill test.

The scooter features a bullet-proof build, with one of the best lighting profiles on a scooter–Kaabo’s headlight is our standard for good lighting. At 80 lbs, it is lightweight for the performance it gives. If you are a big dawg and are hard pressed to get a performance electric scooter under $2,000 paid out of pocket, this is definitely the one.

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Apollo Ghost 2022

Apollo Ghost 2022(Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
Apollo Ghost 2022, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 36.6 mph*
Tested range: 24.8 mi*
Weight: 67 lb*
Max rider weight: 290 lb
Water resistance: IP54


High Top Speed And Acceleration In Its Class
Record-Breaking Braking
Light And Portable Heavyweight
Superb Lighting
Suspension could be better
The middle run of the deck needs more grip tape

Apollo Ghost 2022: Huge Value for Beginner Riders

Apollo Ghost 2022
Apollo Ghost 2022, Electric Scooter Guide

Why is the Apollo Ghost 2022 Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

The Apollo Ghost is one of the most stable rides, with the best bang for bucks for heavy riders. But here are a few other reasons why the big dawgs could consider this as the best electric scooter:

  • The Ghost is fitted with powerful dual, 1000 W motors
  • The scooter has a high rider-weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • It has a functional pair of front and rear spring suspension
  • Large 10 inch x 3 inch pneumatic tires
  • Relatively high handlebars, at 42 inches
  • Dual disc brakes plus regenerative braking, with one of the best braking distances we’ve tested 
  • A light, heavy duty electric scooter with better portability than most dual motor electric scooters


The Apollo Ghost 2022 is an upgrade to the original 2021 version, and both electric scooters are a win when considering heavy riders. What’s more, is that this is one of Apollo’s more affordable performance electric scooters. It may not be as feature packed as the Apollo City or as powerful as the Apollo Phantom and Apollo Pro electric scooter, but for a big dawg looking for a relatively affordable and reliable ride, you can do no better than the Apollo Ghost.

To start us off, the Ghost has a set of powerful dual 1000 w motors that can carry a maximum load capacity of 285 lbs. The e-scooter’s motors with powerful controllers ensure that the scooter can tackle all kinds of terrains, including climbing hills without losing power regardless of the rider’s weight. When testing the electric scooter, it maintained a speed of over 30 mph on standard city hills with our big dawg on the steering.

In addition, the Ghost scooter has fast acceleration and a decent top speed of 37 mph. And to complement the speed, it comes with disc dual brakes plus regenerative braking that doesn’t require too much force to come to a stop. The Ghost has one of the shortest braking distances at 9.5 ft, which is in the top 5 of electric scooters we’ve tested–all the more reason why this is a favorite at ESG headquarters.

The Apollo Ghost is a ton of fun to take out in the open air. The ride comfort is facilitated by the large 10 inch x 3 inch tires and the dual spring suspension system that adequately absorbs shocks, especially from small bumps and curves. The ride quality is further amplified by the large 19 inch x 9 inch deck, with a 5 inch clearance that ensures your stance is comfortable and that the underdeck is not getting scrapped as you roll over rough terrain. And with handlebars that stand at 42 inches, tall riders won’t be completely hunched over as they take the Ghost out for a spin.

The build quality is intentionally solid. The skeletal forge aluminum frame construction lowers the overall weight to 66 lbs, making the scooter one of the lightest performance electric scooters. It also folds down to small, portable dimensions of 52 inch x 16 inch x 21 inch (LxWxH). The reinforced stem is more durable and more solid, especially for hard riding. The rims on the 2022 Ghost are also 50% thicker, ensuring that they don’t bend or break under the weight of the electric scooter and its passenger.

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Minimotors Dualtron Thunder II

Minimotors Dualtron Thunder II (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
Minimotors Dualtron Thunder II ESG

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 58.3 mph*
Tested range: 59.5 mi*
Weight: 104 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: None


Record Holder For The Longest Range We've Tested
Incredibly Large
Flat-Proof Tires
High-End Control Panel
Power For Days
Bright Ey3
But The Design Is Uninspired
Solid Build
Quite Bulky
Low Deck Traction
Headlights Could Be Brighter
Dualtron Stem Creak That's
Easy To Fix

Dualtron Thunder II: The Right Kind of Crazy Power

Minimotors Dualtron Thunder II
Minimotors Dualtron Thunder II ESG

Why is the Dualtron Thunder II Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

You cannot talk about scooters meant for heavy riders without featuring the Dualtron Thunder II. Every aspect of this scooter feels like it was designed with the heavier rider in mind, and we love to see it for our big dawgs. The Thunder II is an incredibly powerful scooter, and here are a few ways the Duatron really shows up for heavier riders:

  • Powerful dual motors with a power output of 5400W each; 10,800W combined
  • A performance spectacle with phenomenal range, excellent top speed, fast acceleration, and great hill climbing
  • One of the largest battery capacities in the electric scooter world, rated at 2880 Wh
  • Dual stiff rubber suspension that is particularly great for heavy riders
  • Dual disc braking with good stopping power
  • Maximum rider weight capacity of 265 lbs
  • Large 11 inch x 4 inch air-filled tires
  • One of the widest decks in the market: 20 inches x 12 inches
  • Has the largest deck clearance (7 inches)


If you’re a big dawg without a budget, the Thunder II has everything you want from a scooter. The Thunder is as robust as they come and looks as aggressive as its power. 

The build quality is one of the standout features in the Thunder 2. Minimotor’s fourth generation frame is rock-solid, combining aluminum alloy, steel, and hard plastic covers for the body. Heavy riders will feel right at home on this beast as it doesn’t feel like it will crumble under their weight. The foot room is incredible and one of the widest decks in the market at 20 inches x 12 inches. It comes with an ultramodern rubber deck for increased stability, and the integrated machined aluminum footrest gives even more standing room for diverse stances. 

The Thunder II is a performance beast. It has one of the largest batteries we have (2880 wh), and with such a big battery, it’s no wonder that the Thunder II also gives us the longest range at 60 miles. The battery power and the torquey motors also give the scooter incredible hill-crushing power, maintaining a speed of 21 mph, which is in the top 5 of our tested scooters. Big dawgs often worry about small city inclines on regular scooters, but with the Thunder II, it feels like you can take on almost any hill.

The scooter is also fast, with a maximum speed of 58 mph, but is slower than other scooters in its class to 15 mph. Regardless, once the scooter picks up, only the BURN E and the Wolf Kings can keep up. Expert riders can also take advantage of the double-click throttle function, which acts like a boost mode button, delivering an instant 10Kw of power to the motors. And with the Nutt hydraulic brakes and 160 mm rotors, you can be sure that the Thunder II will stop when you need it to stop. 

It gets even better with the Thunder II, this time, it’s the tires. The wheel size is one of the largest you’ll see at 11 inches x 4 inches. The tires are flat proof, thanks to the incredibly flexible soft rubber coating bonded to the inside surface of the tire. Besides that, they are load-rated and speed-rated, so you can be sure they will support your weight and aggressive riding. The tires on the Thunder work with the adjustable elastomeric suspension with swappable cartridges. They feel stiff for smaller riders, but the big dawgs will really enjoy this feature. However, you can always swap the cartridges to adjust the stiffness.

We’re not big fans of the 37 inch handlebar height–it feels inexplicably low. But thanks to the cable length, you can confidently install handlebar raisers to suit your height, especially if you’re on the taller side. And while 265 lbs weight capacity isn’t too limiting, you should expect a much higher payload from the Thunder II. The clearance is the largest–legendary Dualtron 7 inch, allowing you to pull off as many stunts without worrying about scrapping the deck. Bottom line, this is the scooter you get when you want to go bananas, but you feel limited by your weight on regular scooters. 

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Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2 (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
Hiboy S2, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 19.0 mph*
Tested range: 12.7 mi*
Weight: 32 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Good price point for a heavy rider's scooter
Strong acceleration
Good braking system
Decent power to size ratio
The ride can be quite jittery
The tires are too slim

Hiboy S2: Cheapest Alternative for Heavy Riders

Hiboy S2
Hiboy S2 Electric scooter guide

Why is the Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

Not every electric scooter for heavy riders are top-dollar, top-shelf, top-tier performers. If your budget constraints you, rest assured there are cheaper alternatives that you can look into before saving up for a scooter that really delivers on both performance and ride comfort for a rider of your stature. Our cheapie (but a goodie) is the Hiboy S2. Here is why we think the Hiboy S2 is the best electric scooter for riders on a budget:

  • Rider weight limit of .
  • Equipped with rear suspension.
  • Folding electric scooter with lightweight.


The Hiboy S2 costs about a fraction of every other scooter on our list, with a price tag under $500. This should caution you to lower expectations. However, the Hiboy S2 is also the only lightweight, portable and affordable option we can recommend for our big dawgs, which is value you will not get from the bigger performance electric scooters we’ve recommended.

The scooter gives riders a somewhat decent riding platform that measures 17 inches x 6 inches. The handlebars sit at 38 inches tall, which means riders won’t hunch over too much. After securely stepping onto your scooter, the Hiboy S2 gives you a top speed of 19 mph, while the 270 wh battery delivers 13 miles of range. This may not be the most thrilling performance but is squarely in line with most other commuter scooters.

The scooter’s ride quality is not the best. The 9 inch hard rubber wheels are great for a puncture-free experience, but they do nothing for ride comfort. It doesn’t also help that the rear spring suspension is not as responsive. But again, you really do get what you’re paying for. 

On the bright side, the 350 w motor supports a high maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs, which is great for a big dawg starting out on their electric scooter journey. Other beginner-friendly features one might enjoy include the thumb controls, smooth acceleration, and excellent braking at lower speeds. 

Compared to others in its price range, this scooter offers a lot of bang for its buck and will serve the average commuter well.

Check price and availability for the Hiboy S2 in your country.

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EMOVE Cruiser

EMOVE Cruiser (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
EMOVE Cruiser, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 30.5 mph*
Tested range: 47.0 mi*
Weight: 59 lb*
Max rider weight: 350 lb
Water resistance: IPX6


Great Electric Scooter With Excellent Build Quality
Legendary Range
Swappable Battery
Excellent IPX6 Rating
Good Ride Quality
Great Set Of Mods For Personalization
Folding Handlebars Aren't The Best.
Sluggish Accelaration

EMOVE Cruiser: Legendary Range

EMOVE Cruiser

Why is the EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

When we talk about a do-it-all, we really mean it. It’s almost unbelievable that the EMOVE Cruiser costs under $1,500. It is a perfect scooter, and here are the many ways the EMOVE Cruiser will impress riders in every category, not just the heavy riders:

  • Unbeaten range on a single motor scooter
  • Swappable battery to extend the maximum range even further
  • Best-in-class hill climbing
  • High rider weight, at 353 lbs (only behind the Ultra Ludicrous, Q1 Hummer, QPower)
  • Heavy duty scooter with relatively large battery, rated 1560 Wh
  • Dual suspension
  • Flat-resistant 10 inch tubeless tires
  • Dual Disc braking for one of the best stopping distances
  • Long and comfortable deck
  • IPX6 rated
  • A great scooter for most adults


The EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter is the most all-around impressive scooter on this list. It is a force to reckon with, giving serious competition to scooters twice its weight and up to four times its price. The Cruiser is your best bet if you’re looking for a scooter that gives everything without breaking the bank. In fact, the Cruiser will leave you wondering why it costs so little. For heavy riders, the 353 lbs limit only falls behind the Ultra Ludicrous, Q1 Hummer, and QPower–making it one of the best options.

The most impressive range on the market. The Cruiser gave us the 6th longest range, behind heavyweight, super expensive legends like the three NAMIs, the Wolf King GT, and the Dualtron Thunder II. But there’s a twist. The 1560 wh battery with LG 21700 cells on the Cruiser is removable, meaning you can easily double the 47 miles with a single extra battery pack. The LG cells are 20 % more energy efficient, which is good for battery life. Essentially, this is the ride for long-distance travelers. 

The single 1000 w motor also gives on speed, reaching a top speed of 31 mph, ensuring that you make the most of your ultra-long range. It also climbs hills like a real mountain goat. The EMOVE Cruiser reached the top of our 200 ft 10% hill test in 12.2 seconds, maintaining an average speed of 11 mph. 

Ride comfort is essential for a scooter that goes so far, and the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter doesn’t disappoint. The scooter rolls on 10 inch, flat-resistant, tubeless pneumatics that deliver a plush ride. Add to that the dual spring suspension, and you get an even better ride experience. Additionally, the scooter’s 60 lbs weight adds damping against vibrations you might experience going over rough roads, giving one of the best ride qualities on a scooter under $1,500. 

The deck is also large and very accommodating for riders with larger feet. It measures 23 inch x 7 inches, which is enough to keep you firmly planted as you ride. The sandpaper grip tape is also quite grippy and awesome for riding stability. With optional modes like the seat, twist throttle, thumb throttle, rear grab handle, trunk kit, and adjustable handlebars, you can also customize this ride to your exact liking. 

Braking is another outstanding quality of this scooter. The decent braking distance can be attributed to the long wheelbase, the low center of gravity, and the semi-hydraulic disc brakes. The IPX6 water resistance rating is also excellent for all-weather riding and one of the highest on an e-scooter. Therefore, it’s not just that the scooter is designed to be practical for heavy riders, but it’s also that it doesn’t compromise on other necessary functions for safe, comfortable, and fun rides.

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EMOVE Touring

EMOVE Touring (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)
EMOVE Touring, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 21.5 mph*
Tested range: 18.7 mi*
Weight: 40 lb*
Max rider weight: 310 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Large Comfortable Deck
Best-In-Class Hill Climbing
Decent Range
Great Top Speed
Good Ride Quality
Tiny Solid Rear Tire
Single Drum Brake

EMOVE Touring:Best Under $ 1000

EMOVE Touring

Why is the EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

Being a big dawg doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to break the bank to get a decent scooter. We have the Hiboy S2 as the cheapest scooter on our list, but that’s a very basic scooter. Our top choice for an affordable scooter for heavy adults is the EMOVE Touring–a scooter that offers more than basic offerings for the big dawgs. The Touring has the best ride quality in its price class and even beats out many more expensive scooters. Here is a peak at the Touring:

  • Excellent hill climbing for the motor power
  • Carries a maximum load of 308 lbs
  • Has front and rear suspension
  • Adjustable handlebar height for different height riders: 28 inches–40 inches
  • Comes with an optional seat
  • Adequate deck space, 22 inches x 7 inches
  • Pocket-friendly price tag
  • A relatively lightweight and portable scooter


The bright EMOVE Touring is the best scooter for heavy riders at its price point. It is a commuter scooter, but one that can handle the weight of heavy riders without letting up on performance. The 500 W motor (750 w peak) can carry a load of 308 lbs–even more than the most powerful scooter, the Dualtron Thunder II. The motor also has plenty of power for hill climbing, sustaining a speed of 11 mph on our 200 ft 10% hill test.

The EMOVE Touring electric scooter also delivers on speed. It’s not the fastest, but it can hit a top speed of 22 mph, which is above average for its price. In addition, the 624 wh LG battery delivers a maximum range of 19 miles on a single charge in peak performance–extend the range by riding conservatively. This performance is enough to give the big dawgs a bit of a thrill.

The riding platform is among the best for riders with larger feet, measuring 22 inches x 7 inches, with a 5 inch clearance to prevent scraping on the underside. The deck is covered in sandpaper-like grip tape to keep you firmly planted as you ride. The handlebar height is also adjustable to suit different rider heights, with a 28 inch limit on the lower end and 40 inches on the higher end. The handlebars are also collapsible, and at 40 lbs, the scooter is slightly portable. The small footprint makes the Touring an agile scooter.

The EMOVE Touring rolls on an 8 inch front pneumatic tires and 8 inch rear solid tires. The solid tire is not the best for shock absorption. However, the Touring is also fitted with front and rear dual spring suspension and a single stem spring. The suspension system is soft enough for quick response but also stiff to prevent bottoming out. This system prevents most of the jarring that would hit the rider’s feet from gravel riding or going over bumpy terrain. Luckily, it also comes with an optional seat attachment that allows riders to choose seating comfort.

The single drum braking option is not great as it raises the braking distance; therefore, you’d need to pre-calculate your stops to be really safe. The solid rear tire is also more susceptible to skidding on wet surfaces or when making sudden stops. That said, you won’t get a more comfortable ride at the Touring’s price point, making it the must-have scooter for heavy riders on a budget.

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ANYHILL UM-2, Electric Scooter Guide

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 17.9 mph*
Tested range: 17.0 mi*
Weight: 45 lb*
Max rider weight: 300 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Swappable Battery
Best Braking In Its Class
High Rider Weight Capacity
Very Stable Even at Speed
Not as Lightweight as Comparable Scooters
Display is not the Brightest
Stem Shape is Difficult when Carrying

ANYHILL UM-2:Best Swappable Battery

ANYHILL UM-2 (Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders List)

Why is the ANYHILL UM2 Electric Scooter Suited for Heavy Riders?

They are relatively new to the market, but they are making quite the stir. This scooter could be the Ninebot killer we’ve been hoping to find, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, here’s what we know about ANYHILL’s UM2 that makes it perfect for heavy riders.

  • High rider weight capacity
  • Powerful motors
  • Best in class braking system
  • Ultra stable rides
  • Swappable, light battery


ANYHILL UM-2 is a relatively new commuter scooter. But while we normally expect commuters to come at the cost of power, comfort and stability, ANYHILL is challenging the status quo. The UM-2 is one of the best lightweight scooters we have for heavier riders due to its sheer power and ultra stability.

The scooter can handle a true max rider weight of 300 lbs. Our resident big dawg took it out for a spin and was immediately impressed at how quickly and how well the scooter picked up power, unlike other scooters rated for a high payload but with zero performance. 

The 450 w motors also showed off during the hill climb test, maintaining that same power going uphill despite the rider weight, maintaining a speed of 7.5 mph. The 36 v 360 Wh battery ensures that the scooter has enough power for your riding, and the best part is that it is removable. It also only weighs 5 lbs, making it easily portable for a quick change should you run out of juice mid-ride. 

Riders will enjoy the 17.9 mph tested top speed, and get to enjoy the ride on the 18.75 x 7 inch riding platform. Tall riders will also appreciate the 37.8-inch tall handlebars that ensure they aren’t too hunched over when riding. The 10 x 2.5 tubeless pneumatic tires are also great for ride quality, absorbing shocks on the riding track in the absence of suspension.

Check price and availability for the ANYHILL UM-2 in your country.

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Top Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

When buying electric scooters for heavy adults, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider.

Rider Weight Limit

The maximum load capacity determines how much weight your scooter can take, and it is important to factor this in to make sure the scooter can hold the weight of yourself and any belongings you may be carrying, e.g., groceries, your riding gear, and accessories. Most electric scooters have a weight capacity of around 220 lbs, but it is always best to play it safe and get a scooter that has a slightly higher weight capacity than you need. 

Many riders may not know why the manufacturer has a cap on the maximum weight, and some of the reasons might be due to safety reasons rather than performance, as most people might think. You do not want to be caught in a situation where your scooter suddenly breaks down in the middle of operation or does not perform as intended because this could lead to serious accidents. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to electric scooters, so make sure to check the weight limit before making your purchase.

What Happens If You Exceed The Weight Limit On An Electric Scooter?

Exceeding the weight limit on an electric scooter can have several negative consequences. 

The most obvious is that it puts extra strain on the scooter’s components, which can cause damage and shorten its lifespan. The motor and battery may have to work harder, resulting in a drop in performance and range. 

It can also put pressure on the frame and tires, causing them to wear out more quickly and increasing the risk of breakage and bursts. The braking function may also be reduced, making it more difficult to stop the scooter. 

Finally, exceeding the weight limit can decrease stability and control, making it more challenging to maneuver the scooter. For all these reasons, it’s crucial to ensure that you stay within the weight limit when using an electric scooter.

Scooter’s Dimension

If you are taller than the average person or have large feet, finding a scooter that is the right size for you can be challenging. You want to find a scooter that will accommodate your stature and give you an ergonomic stance on the scooter without being hunched over or cramped on the deck and handlebars.

There are three main things to watch out for when choosing a scooter based on dimensions: 

  • Handlebar height: The handlebars should be high enough to comfortably stand upright without being too hunched over. If you are tall(6 ft and above), you should be going for a handlebar that is 39 inches–42 inches tall to maintain a good standing stance. If you’re above , handlebar raisers can be installed to get in a few inches. 
  • Handlebar Width- This will affect your ride’s comfort, stability, and control. Wider handlebars offer greater stability and better hand placement comfort, while narrower handlebars offer greater maneuverability but feel slightly cramped. As a general rule, your width size should be as wide as your shoulders. A measurement on 23 inches and above will be wide enough for most riders.
  • Deck Length and Width- this determines the amount of space you have on the scooter and dramatically affects your ride’s comfort, quality, and stability. The deck width should be wide enough to allow you to place your feet side by side and should be long enough so that your feet are not hanging off the back. A deck width of 9 inches–15 inches and a length of around 20 inches – 23 inches will be sufficient for most foot sizes. 

Pro Tip: You can see the deck size for every electric scooter in our database (click the Show Dimensions slider)

Build Quality

Apollo Phantom electric scooter - charging ports, kickstand, close-up, cropped

When it comes to choosing a scooter, build quality is an important consideration. Heavy riders, in particular, need a scooter that can withstand their weight without breaking or malfunctioning. Likewise, if you plan on doing tricks or riding off-road, you will need a scooter that can take a beating. Most scooters on the market have steel or aviation-grade aluminum frames to support these needs. 

However, comparing build quality across different brands and models can be challenging. There are no metrics or hard and fast rules for determining which scooter is better built – it ultimately comes down to the materials used, the finishing, wiring, construction method, the assembly process, and the quality control measures in place- all of which can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

With so many factors at play, the best way to gauge build quality is to read online reviews and ask around for recommendations. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a few models, it’s also a good idea to inspect the scooters in person to get a feel for their build quality. 

Luckily Our team of experts tested every scooter on this heavy rider list and have carefully evaluated their built quality.

Motor, Controller, and Battery Capacity 

Any electric scooter worth its salt will have a powerful motor, a high-quality controller, and a long-lasting battery. Together, these three components make up the “engine” of the scooter, and they play a vital role in determining alot of the performance stats of a scooter.

  • The motor propels the scooter and, together with the controller, determines the scooter’s speed, acceleration, and power.
  • The controller regulates the flow of electricity to the motor and determines how much power the motor gets.
  • The battery provides these components with the power they need and determines the range of a scooter.

When shopping for an electric scooter, pay attention to these three components to get a sense of the scooter’s capabilities.

So what do you need to look for in these components?

Kaabo Wolf King electric scooter - front hub motor, close-up, tire

Motor and controller: You need a powerful motor and big controllers that can carry your weight without any noticeable decrease in performance 

Firstly, ensure the motor is powerful enough to carry your weight. A weaker motor will cause the scooter to move more slowly, struggle on hills, and may even overheat if used for extended periods. For bigger and taller riders that weigh over 220 lbs, we recommend a motor that can generate at least 1000 Watts of nominal power.   

The controller is another important consideration – you’ll need one that can handle the motor’s power and provides precise control over the scooter’s speed and acceleration. When choosing a controller, it is important to consider the voltage and amperage rating. A higher voltage rating will be able to handle a more powerful motor, while a higher amperage rating means that the controller can handle more current. A good rule of thumb is to choose a controller with a minimal voltage rating of 52v and a current rating of 10A. 

With the right motor and controller, you can be sure that your scooter can handle anything you throw at it.

Electric scooter battery pack

Battery: the battery powers all the electrical components of the scooter and is important in determining the range of a scooter, that is, how far it can travel on a single charge. A larger battery will give the motor more power and run time, which is important for any scooter rider.

However, as the weight of the rider increases, so does the power required to run the motor and control the scooter. This can lead to the battery being depleted faster than usual. To avoid scenarios where your electric scooter battery dies prematurely during commutes, you’ll want a battery that can provide plenty of range and hold up to repeated charging cycles.

 It’s advisable for heavy riders to look for scooters with large capacities(minimum rating of 1008Wh). A 1008Wh Battery will give you a typical mileage of about 20 miles– 30 miles Which is more than enough for your daily commute.

Suspension and Tires

Currus Panther Electric Scooter -foot rest, rear spring suspension, rear wheel, cropped view, angled view

When it comes to scooter comfort, two of the most important features to look for are a quality suspension system and large pneumatic tires. An excellent heavy-duty suspension will absorb vibrations and other road imperfections, resulting in a smoother ride. Additionally, it will improve control and stability by ensuring the wheels are in contact with the ground. For maximum adjustability, look for a scooter with an adjustable suspension system. This will allow you to tailor the suspension to your specific weight and riding needs. 

To further improve the ride quality offered by the suspension, look for a scooter with large pneumatic tires. These tires will easily roll over obstacles and absorb slight road imperfections better than their solid counterparts. Pneumatic tires also provide superior traction, which is especially important in wet conditions. So if you’re looking for a comfortable ride, make sure your scooter is equipped with a quality suspension system and large pneumatic tires.


EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter disc brake closeup

Safety is always paramount, especially when selecting a scooter. One of the most important safety features to consider is the braking system. It is imperative for heavy riders to choose a scooter with an excellent braking system because the rider and scooter weight affects the braking distance. 

The more weight on the scooter, the more inertia that is exerted, translating to longer braking distances. Thus, you will need more braking power to stop the scooter within a reasonable distance if it is under a higher load. Of the three brake systems available (regenerative, drum, and disc brakes), disc brakes are generally recommended for heavier riders due to their excellent stopping power. A dual braking system(a front and rear brake) is also an important feature to look for in a scooter; it helps improve braking and provides an extra measure of safety in case one of the brakes should fail. 

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders

Best Scooters for Heavy Riders

If you’re a heavy rider, finding the right electric scooter can be a challenge. Until recently, e-scooters were not accessible to everyone. The majority of models on the market were not designed to accommodate riders of all sizes, which meant that many people were missing out on this revolutionary way of travel. Thankfully, this is starting to change. A growing number of companies are releasing e-scooters that are specifically designed for heavy and tall riders, with features such as powerful motors and suspension systems that can support up to 320 lbs. This is great news for anyone who has previously been unable to enjoy the benefits of e-scooters. So whether you’re looking for a commuting solution or just a fun way to get around, be sure to check out the latest generation of heavy-duty e-scooters. You might just find your new favorite mode of transportation.

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