About Us

Our mission is to lead the proliferation of electric scooters worldwide by spreading awareness about their social and environmental benefits, helping people buy the right models, and providing trustworthy and critical reviews to help the industry improve.

The unbiased authority in electric scooters.

We have pioneered a ​rigorous hands-on review and road testing process that has helped demystify the electric scooter market.


Scooters Tested

20,112 mi

Distance Ridden

61.0 mph

Top Speed Record

53.3 mi

Range Record

Our Team

ESG is a small, passionate team that has spent many hundreds of hours riding thousands of miles, performing rigorous real-world testing of over 90 electric scooters since 2019.

Now in 2022, our team has grown to include a designer, SEO expert, partnerships lead, digital product manager, and engineer (helping us develop what we hope will be the world’s best database).



Paul Somerville - head shot
  • Riding Style Fast + Furious
  • Preferred Speed “…Can we make it go faster?”
  • Size Medium Rider
  • Scooter Turn Ons Rubber Suspension
  • Random Fact Has owned over 1,000 motorcycles

Racing is life; what happens before and after is just waiting.


Creative Producer

Ramier Jones - head shot
  • Riding Style Fast + Cool
  • Preferred Speed 30 mph or above
  • Size Alpha Big Dawg
  • Scooter Turn OnsBig Deck, Thumb Throttle
  • Random FactOnce stayed up 24 hours playing “GoldenEye”

If you ain’t first, you’re last!



  • Riding Style Smooth Criminal
  • Preferred Speed 25 mph
  • Size Medium Rider
  • Scooter Turn Ons Big Deck, Thumb Throttle
  • Random Fact Pickleball Rating: 4.0 (Men’s)

Two Red Bulls and two hours – we can do anything!


Creative Producer

Richard Sanchez - head shot
  • Riding Style Low + Slow
  • Preferred Speed Under 20 mph
  • Size Medium Rider
  • Scooter Turn Ons Thumb Throttle
  • Random Fact Never removes helmet

I wambo, you wambo, he/she/me wambo.


Community Manager

  • Riding Style Fast + Furious
  • Preferred Speed 35 mph
  • Size Big Dawg
  • Scooter Turn OnsAnything shiny and new (and fast, and worthy of big dawgs)
  • Random FactOfficially knighted as Sir Vosk by the community

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.



  • Riding StyleSlow, but on the fastest scooters
  • Preferred Speed 25 mph
  • SizeTall/Skinny
  • Scooter Turn Ons Dual motors
  • Random Fact Lives in the cloud

Of course, I talk to myself… Sometimes I need expert advice.

Our Location

We are located in the East Bay of California in the US!

How We Support Our Work

Since 2019, ESG has maintained the most rigorous process of testing and reviewing electric scooters in the world, and we don’t plan on letting up anytime soon.

We are one of just a few sites that does hands-on reviews and the only that uses precision Racelogic equipment for scientifically rigorous and statistically-repeatably performance tests, including acceleration, top speed, and an often grueling range test. We spend a full week per scooter riding, testing, and evaluating.

Trustworthy, independent insight and opinion is at the very core of our DNA and team mission and values.

ESG relies on a diversity of income sources, including YouTube ads and links that net us small commissions (so please click them if you want to support our hard work!) Without these, we would not be able to employ a world-class team, continually refine our craft, or maintain our level of hard work and rigor.

It is made clear (and imperatively) to all partners we work with that opinions cannot be bought and all content—even ads—is highly subject to our editorial discretion. We believe that this core value pays out long-term for everyone.