UScooters Booster V Review: Ultra-portable Tank

UScooters Booster V electric scooters
Booster V Scooter
Booster V foot brake
Man riding the UScooter Booster V
Man accelerating on Booster V scooter
UScooters Booster V cockpit and LCD display
Booster V front wheel motor
LED front headlight
Booster V in the folded configuration
Booster V deck
UScooters Booster V electric scooters
Booster V Scooter
Booster V foot brake
Man riding the UScooter Booster V
Man accelerating on Booster V scooter
UScooters Booster V cockpit and LCD display
Booster V front wheel motor
LED front headlight
Booster V in the folded configuration
Booster V deck

UScooters Booster V


Complete UScooters Booster V review — we did extensive hands-on riding and performance tests to find out why this is an ultra-portable tank.

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 23.9 mph*
Tested range: 12.6 mi*
Weight: 26 lb*
Max rider weight: 280 lb
Water resistance: None


Good range for weight
Low-maintenance and durable
Small tires
Lackluster brakes

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Our Take: Ultraportable with Lackluster Ride and Braking Quality

The Booster V, is the 5th generation of one of the most popular scooters outside of the United States. 

It weighs just 25 lb yet has a max speed of 23.9 mph and a real-world range of 12.6 mi in its fastest settings. When folded, it is 37-inches and 5-inches wide — making it one of the most compact scooters you can buy. The Booster V is built like a tank — many owners have logged thousands of miles on this scooter and its variants with no repair issues. 

In essence, the Booster V is ultra-portable but durable. It is one of the best scooters for riders who want to take it everywhere — onto crowded public transportation, up flights of stairs, into cafes, into car trunks, under desks.

However, the Booster V is not without flaws. The chief trade-off is ride quality and lackluster braking performance. Though the scooter has a suspension, the small solid tires make for a rough ride and tend to lose their grip in wet conditions. The scooter has both an electronic brake and foot brake, which must be used together to stop quickly — requiring you to ride with a foot on the rear fender at all times. Using the electronic brake alone, we measured stopping distances of greater than 40 ft, which could be insufficient in an emergency.

Overall, the Booster V should have a place in many rider’s home. If you need a scooter that is ultra-portable and ultra-reliable with a good range and high top speed, look no further. 

Best Alternatives and Competitors

Model Top Speed** Range** Weight** Price
UScooters Booster V 23.9 mph 12.6 mi 26 lb $949
Glion Dolly 15.8 mph 14.6 mi 29 lb $429
Fluid Freeride Horizon (13 Ah) 24.0 mph 26.0 mi 39 lb $849

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UScooters Booster V Review

Performance Summary

Acceleration (0 to 15 mph)5.7 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)10.6 seconds
Top speed23.9 mph
Braking distance (15 to 0 mph)18.3 feet
Range12.6 miles
Hill climb20.0 seconds


Man accelerating on Booster V scooter

The UScooter Booster V has a single 500 watt (800-watt max) electric motor that gives it modest acceleration. During our acceleration tests, we were able to reach 15 mph in 5.7 seconds and 20 mph in 10.6 seconds.

For comparison, this is similar acceleration (to 15 mph) as a shared type scooter and slightly faster than the ubiquitous Xiaomi Mi M365 (6.3 seconds to 15 mph).

See our performance testing page for real-world acceleration data on other scooters.

Hill Climb

The UScooter Booster V has somewhat lackluster hill climbing ability. It was able to complete our hill climb test (10% grade, 200 ft elevation, 165 lb rider) in 20.0 seconds with an average speed of 6.8 miles per hour.

For comparison, this is very comparable to the climbing ability of a shared scooter / Xiaomi Mi M365 (20.8 seconds @ 6.6 mph). Hills much steeper than 10% (which represents a quite steep hill) will significantly slow the scooter, and you may even have to assist by kicking.

Top Speed

Man riding the UScooter Booster V

We tested the top speed of the Booster to be 23.9 mph on the flat with a 165 lb rider. Lighter riders may get closer to the 25 mph claimed top speed.


The Booster V delivered a very respectable 12.6 miles during our range test, thanks to the 378 watt hour lithium-ion battery pack. Note: the Booster Sport variant has a smaller 314 watt hour battery that delivered a bit less range during our tests.

Our range test is performed with the scooter in its fastest mode and ridden by a 165 lb rider on an urban test loop with frequent stops/starts, hills, and rough terrain. The scooter is ridden at its top speed where safe and possible.

At just 25 pounds, this scooter has among the best-tested range for its weight.

See our performance testing page for results from other scooters and detailed description of how we test.


Booster V foot brake

We performed braking tests to determine how quickly the Booster V would stop from 15 mph. It stopped in >40 ft when we used only the front regenerative brake. When we used both the regenerative and rear foot brake, the scooter stopped in 18.3 feet.

Ride Quality

Because of the small solid tires, short handlebars (just 5 inches when unfolded), and a small deck (16.8 inches of standing space), ride quality suffers.

The scooter does have a front a rear suspension spring suspension, which makes up for lack of large pneumatic tires. The suspension is good, despite its compact size and reduces vibrations from the road.

Because the tires are small (8.0 inches in diameter) and narrow, you have to be extra aware of obstacles in the road that could catch your tire. In wet conditions, the tires will also become more slippery; your stopping distances will increase, and you won’t be able to make sharp turns as quickly.

The small deck and narrow handlebars, which make the scooter one of the smallest and most portable, are less comfortable for longer rides. The narrow handlebars take some getting used to and feel less stable a wider grip.

UScooters Booster V Features


Booster V in the folded configuration

The UScooters Booster V is one of the most portable scooters available, hands down. It is one of the best scooters for bringing onto crowded public transportation. It can be folded/unfolded quickly, is light enough to carry upstairs, and will fit nearly anywhere.

The scooter is very lightweight and tips the scales at just 25 lbs.

The Booster V has a collapsing stem, folding handlebars, and folding stem. It also comes with a nylon carrying handle with easy one-handed carrying. When folded, it measures a very compact 37-inches by 5-inches by 12-inches.

The handlebars collapse easily, via a spring-loaded mechanism. The telescoping stem allows the height of the handlebars to be adjusted from 36.0-inches to 39.1-inches (deck to handlebar height). The whole scooter is folded quickly by stepping on a single foot lever.


UScooters Booster V cockpit and LCD display

The cockpit/handlebar area has a large central display that is unique to the UScooters / E-TWOW lineup. The display shows odometer, trip, speed, and battery. The display is a color LCD and is bright enough to see in full sunlight.

On the side of the display housing are four buttons that control: horn, lights, settings, and power. The built-in electronic horn is loud enough to alert, but not scare, pedestrians and bicyclists; it is not loud enough to alert motor vehicles.

To either side of the display are the thumb-controlled regen brake (left) and thumb throttle (right). Both of these controls feel well-made and have crisp mechanical action. The accelerator, in particular, is very linear and smooth.


LED front headlight

The scooter features a high-mounted front LED light and small red LED taillight.

The front light is bright and consists of an array of individual LEDs. There are no lenses in front of the LEDs and light spreads quickly, reducing road visibility at a distance.

For improved visibility at night, you can use an ultra-bright external LED. Note: some external LED lights may be difficult to attach due to the small size of the handelbars — you can always mount it to your helmet.
See our guide to riding at night for our recommended gear.

For extra safety, we always recommend using additional lights. Check out our guide for staying visible while riding at night.


Booster V front wheel motor

The Booster has front and rear 8.0-inch solid tires. The main benefit to this type of tire is that they are low maintenance — you’ll never have to worry about flats. Owners of other E-TWOW / UScooters have reported putting thousands of miles on their scooters before having to replace worn-down tires.

The drawback to these tires is that they are quite small, which makes them less stable — you’ll have to be careful if riding on particularly bad terrain. They also tend to lose their traction much more quickly than pneumatic (air-filled) tires in adverse conditions like rain, mud, etc. Finally, these solid tires are especially hard and don’t provide any extra cushion to the ride.

For these reasons, we tend to favor pneumatic tires strongly. However, solid tires have their place for riders wanting to minimize maintenance.


Booster V deck

The Booster’s deck has 16.8-inches by 5.9-inches of standing room. There is also 3.0-inches of ground clearance.

Build Quality

The Booster V has excellent build quality. It is a 5th generation of scooters, and that is evident in its thoughtful design. The scooter is very well constructed: cables are nicely buttoned up, and mechanical parts of the scooter are strong and durable.

During our review research, we came across numerous reports from owners who had put thousands of miles their UScooters/E-TWOW scooters with few or no problems. The only issues we uncovered were owners who had scooters with dud controllers. In these cases the scooters tended to fail early in their lives — well within their warranty period — and their owners received replacements.

Parts for the Booster V are widely available. Most repairs are fairly easy. This is a big benefit for long-term ownership.

The Booster V has an IP rating (water resistance) of none. Though most scooters can tolerate some water exposure, its lack of IP rating indicates it shouldn’t get wet or be used in the rain. Doing so could damage the scooter and will likely void the warranty.

The Booster V has a max rider weight of 280 pounds which is significant for such a small, light scooter.

Booster V Scooter: Review Conclusions

Booster V Scooter

E-TWOW / UScooter Booster V 5th generation scooter is very well-designed, durable, and ultra-portable. There is a reason it has become so popular in Europe, where many riders bring it with them on public transportation and use it to deliver them to their final locations.

If you are in the market for a durable, lightweight, ultra-portable scooter, then this is definitely worth consideration. If portability isn’t an issue, there are less portable scooters that will offer better ride quality or performance.

If the Booster V isn’t appealing, see our list of alternative scooters. You can also check out our Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

UScooters Booster V Specifications

ModelBooster V
Weight25 lb
Folded dimensions37 by 5 by 12 in
Motor power, continuous500 W
Top speed25 mph
Range24 mi
Battery capacity378 Wh
Battery recharge time3 hrs
Max rider weight280 lb
Brake typeRegenerative + Foot
Tire type8.0 in Solid + Solid
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceNone



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