Paul Somerville - head shot

Paul is our Hardware Program Manager, which means he’s equal parts hardware expert, scooter data lead, mechanic, physicist and statistician. He’s been riding on two wheels, rain or shine for over 20 years, and likes to go really, really fast.

Along with riding, tuning, and fixing the electric scooters (and everything else around the office), Paul analyzes electric scooter performance data for our “best of” lists, writes witty scripts for videos and snarky articles for the website, and collaborates with the team on everything in between.

Paul joined ESG in October 2020, and has become co-host and interviewer extraordinaire on ESG Liveshow, discussing everything from scooter repairs and racing to developing new designs and safer roads with standout individuals from the PEV community.

Paul has managed scooter repair operations for Lime and Skip in San Francisco. He’s also a former motorcycle roadracing champion who spent around 15 years as a mechanic and shop owner, repairing everything from motorcycles to $10M vintage Ferrari race cars.

Prior to life as a pro-wrench, Paul’s fields of work included: Lasers, Atomic Force Microscopy, Optics, Plasma Physics, and coding for X-Ray Astronomy (funded by NASA). He also has a degree in Applied Physics with a minor in Mathematics.

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