Gotrax G4 Review: Hit or Miss?

GOTRAX G4 Electric Scooter
GOTRAX G4 rear wheel motor
GOTRAX G4 cockpit and handlebar area
GOTRAX G4 throttle and grips
GOTRAX G4 rear fender and light
GOTRAX G4 built-in cable lock
GOTRAX G4 LED display showing speed
GOTRAX G4 LED headlight
GOTRAX G4 rear disc brake and wheel
G4 electric scooter tires
GOTRAX G4 in folded configuration
GOTRAX G4 Front Wheel
GOTRAX G4 tires and wheels
GOTRAX G4 Electric Scooter
GOTRAX G4 rear wheel motor
GOTRAX G4 cockpit and handlebar area
GOTRAX G4 throttle and grips
GOTRAX G4 rear fender and light
GOTRAX G4 built-in cable lock
GOTRAX G4 LED display showing speed
GOTRAX G4 LED headlight
GOTRAX G4 rear disc brake and wheel
G4 electric scooter tires
GOTRAX G4 in folded configuration
GOTRAX G4 Front Wheel
GOTRAX G4 tires and wheels



In this review, we take a look at the G4, a recent addition to GOTRAX’s extensive lineup that we ranked one of the best cheap electric scooters. The G4 is a well-rounded e-scooter making waves among entry-level commuters, given its 10.0-in tires, best-in-class top speed, and built-in security features. Many things about this scooter hit the mark, least of all GOTRAX’s post-purchase support. 

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 20.0 mph*
Tested range: 14.6 mi*
Weight: 37 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Best-in-class top speed
Best-in-class battery capacity
Biggest tires in class
Frustrating throttle start
Check price and availability for the Gotrax G4 in your country.

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Our Take: Fastest Scooter Under $500

The G4 delivers serious upgrades to previous Gotrax models with supersized pneumatic tires, a 20.0 mph top speed, and 374 watt hour battery — the largest capacity in the budget commuter class.

The G4 is a notable scooter for its price, but the security features that make it attractive to some buyers may deter others. Also, we discovered that you have to double-tap the thumb throttle after kick-start to engage the motor, which is a little annoying and not intended by Gotrax.

Value-driven shoppers in search of a scooter worth its weight will flock to the G4. It’s an excellent choice. The built-in cable and digital locks are good for quick stops, but won’t stop the. most motivated thieves. Its top speed feels fast and the 14.6 mile range is ample for most riders.

The G4 is a well-rounded entry-level commuter worthy of attention, and may end up replacing more expensive scooters, in the shopping carts of savvy scooter buyers given its complete feature set on a budget.

Be warned, however: while the G4 scooter itself is great, GOTRAX has reportedly poor post-purchase support to speak of (phone support refers you to a website while the website refers you to a phone number). We recommend that buyers consider purchasing from large retailers with generous return policies.

Best Alternatives and Competitors

Model Top Speed** Range** Weight** Price
GOTRAX G4 20.0 mph 14.6 mi 37 lb $649
Segway Ninebot Max 18.4 mph 21.6 mi 43 lb $899
GOTRAX Xr 14.6 mph 9.1 mi 27 lb $299
Apollo Air 15.6 mph 13.9 mi 34 lb $699

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Gotrax G4 Review

Acceleration (0 to 15 mph)6.3 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)11.3 seconds
Top speed20.0 mph
Braking distance (15 to 0 mph)21.5 feet
Range14.6 miles
Hill climb19.6 seconds
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GOTRAX G4 rear wheel motor

With a 350 watt rear motor, the G4 has competent performance against scooters in its class. In our ESG certified acceleration tests with a 165 lb rider, the G4 hit 15 mph in 6.3 seconds and 20 mph in 11.3 seconds.

Acceleration is tricky on the G4. As a kick-to-start scooter, you have to push it to around 3 mph to build momentum, then press the throttle to power the motor and accelerate.

On the G4, we consistently had to double-tap the throttle after kick starting during performance testing. Although slow starting is useful for first-time riders, double-tapping the throttle is not an intentional application, and a slight hiccup in the G4’s ability to run straight off the start line. Although it takes practice to get going on the G4, the acceleration and throttle operate well once riding.

The Gotrax G4’s slow start affected overall performance results, and is one minor downside to this otherwise standout budget commuter.

Hill Climb

With its kick-to-start operation and double-tap throttle, it might take smaller riders a bit more effort to start a hill climb on the G4.

It took 19.6 seconds to climb the 200 foot, 10% grade incline at an average speed of 6.9 mph. Although not a powerful machine, the Gotrax G4 is a capable hill climber.

Compare with other scooters on our performance page.

Top Speed

GOTRAX G4 Front Wheel

The Gotrax G4 has a tested 20.0 mph top speed — a new record in the budget commuter class.

Although there are other scooters with similar tested top speeds and higher price tags, you really feel the difference between 15 mph and 20 mph on the newest Gotrax model, and the larger than average tires help you ride at speed confidently.


The Gotrax G4 has a 374 watt hour battery for the largest capacity of any scooter in the budget commuter class.

It gets about half the manufacturer claimed range with an ESG certified range of 14.6 miles.

All scooters are range tested by a 165 lb rider along the same urban loop with frequent stops, rough terrain, and hills. It is ridden as quickly as is safe and in the scooter’s fastest (least energy conserving) mode. 

Learn more about our extensive ESG certification tests.


GOTRAX G4 rear disc brake and wheel

With only a rear disc brake and 36 lb weight, the G4 needs some brake adjustment for effective stopping. The G4 has a tested braking distance of 21.5 ft in our 15 mph to zero performance test.

The Gotrax advertises the G4 as having a dual braking system, but what they mean is that it comes equipped with an electronic and disc brake, both on the rear wheel, which are activated by a hand lever.

True dual braking systems feature a drum or disc brake on both the front and rear wheels, and are preferable for scooters that go faster than 20 mph.

Ride Quality

GOTRAX G4 tires and wheels

The G4 has good speed for its class, and offers a more comfortable ride than previous Gotrax models. The biggest, baddest upgrade between those and the G4 are the 10.0 in, innertube tires. They handle quick turns and provide good damping without any suspension.

The G4 has adequate standing room, with about 1 in to 0.5 in less length on the rubberized deck than previous Gotrax models. The brakes on the G4 feel safe enough for riding in general but aren’t super strong. It’s a lot like riding a faster, less expensive Ninebot Max

The G4 is a great budget commuter but takes an extra beat to get going. Bypassing the digital lock takes about 10 seconds, which is a lot longer than it takes to start most budget scooters. Each time you turn it on, you have to enter a 3-digit code using the plus, minus, and power buttons before you can start riding. However, it can be disabled by holding the power button, along with the “+” button for 5 seconds.

It comes with cruise control that you cannot disable, but you can turn it off each time it activates by tapping the throttle or brake. A low beep and the display indicate you are in cruise control mode, which help warn the rider that the feature is active. Some budget scooters don’t let you know when you’re in cruise control, which can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced riders.

GOTRAX G4 throttle and grips

Some scooters have key-lock ignitions or mobile apps for locking, but this is the first lock that we’ve seen programmed into the display. Another stumbling block is that finicky double-tap throttle, which takes some getting used to.

Walk Assist

One notable feature of the Gotrax G4 is Walk Assist. To activate, you hold the minus button while you ride on the deck or walk alongside, and the scooter will travel around 3 mph. We found that the speed decreased slightly traveling uphill and increased slightly downhill, but otherwise maintains constant speed. It’s a useful feature if you’re with a friend that’s walking and want to ride at a steady, slower pace to match their speed  — but otherwise has limited purpose.

GOTRAX G4 cockpit with walk assist button

Continuously pressing down on the minus button to activate the Walk Assist feature isn’t the most ergonomic, as it doesn’t respond or give feedback as with the throttle. If Gotrax continues to offer this feature, it might be better programmed into the throttle or as a separate flip-switch for easier activation.


Gotrax G4 Features


GOTRAX G4 in folded configuration

The Gotrax G4 is a great budget commuter with a manageable 36 pound weight and compact dimensions. The G4 measures 42 inches long by 19 inches wide by 47 inches tall with a folded height of 20 inches. Also, it has lightning fast folding. In our test, it took around 5 seconds to fold and unfold the G4.

It’s not an ultraportable because of its weight and non-folding handlebars, but the well-made stem feels secure and easily locks on the rear fender, making it very easy to carry up a few flights of stairs or tuck into a trunk.

Cable Lock

GOTRAX G4 built-in cable lock

It has some industry-first security features, including a built-in 4-digit combination cable lock on the stem, making it more convenient to secure when needed. It also alleviates the added weight of keeping a separate U-lock or cable lock in your go-bag.

The lock and cable are of good quality and well-positioned on the stem, but a prepared thief with bolt cutters or multitool could easily escape with the G4 by cutting the cable or unscrewing the bolts around the lock. One other thing to note, thanks to an awesome redditor’s observations, is that the cable doesn’t retract when extended fully and has to be shoved back into the cavity after use.

If you’re making frequent, short trips, like local deliveries, where you need to bring the scooter indoors or leave it outside for short periods, the cable lock and folding speed are money.


GOTRAX G4 cockpit and handlebar area

The G4 cockpit feels a lot like that of other Gotrax models, with sharply textured hand grips, fixed positions for the thumb throttle and brake lever, and a LED display centered on the stem. The G4 display is large and easy to read, even in direct sunlight. The handlebars are 40.0 in tall, a comfortable height for most riders.

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GOTRAX G4 LED headlight

The Gotrax G4 has great lighting overall, with a bright handlebar-height mounted headlight and fender-mounted taillight that blinks when braking. These are the ideal locations for best visibility and an improvement over previous models, like the Gotrax Xr which only had a rear reflector.

It also comes with six reflectors: on the front, on the rear, and on either side of the wheels.

For riding at night, add more lighting for better visibility, like a blinking light on your helmet or backpack.


G4 electric scooter tires

The pre-slimed 10.0 in innertube pneumatic tires are the biggest improvement on this Gotrax scooter. They provide better handling of poorer road conditions, and are the main reason why the G4 has a more comfortable ride than previous models.

With air-filled tires, it is common to get flats, especially on the rear tire due to impact from carrying the brunt of rider weight. With pre-slimed tires, it’s less likely you’ll experience issues even with punctures, as the slime will help keep them sealed.

Read more about preventing and repairing flats.


Rubberized electric scooter deck with GOTRAX logo

The deck on the G4 is about 1.5 inches less than previous Gotrax models, but still provides adequate standing room. The rubberized deck measures 17.5 inches long by 6.8 inches wide with 4.3 inches of ground clearance. It’s a simple, all-black design with the name brand featured across the center.

Build Quality

GOTRAX electric scooter beefy folding mechanism

The overall fit and finish of the G4 is great, with improved quality and durability over previous Gotrax models. With a - battery, it has the largest capacity of any scooter under $500. The cable routing on the G4 is stellar, as cabling runs down the stem, through the folding mechanism, and into the deck with minimal cable exposure. Not many scooter designs have accomplished this, and it really gives the G4 a finished, clean appeal. The IP54 rating and rubberized deck make it safe for riders up to 220 pounds to travel in light rain, and the kickstand is the perfect height for keeping the scooter upright.

The cable lock is a thoughtful addition that really improves usability, while the digital lock leaves you wanting more. Although a fine concept, the digital lock only works when the scooter is powered on, so a thief could easily roll or carry the scooter away if it’s off. When the scooter is on and you do not enter the correct code, the display will beep for 20-30 seconds, the lights will flash, and the electronic brakes engage  — making it more difficult to roll the scooter forward. The display will stay on for up to 30 minutes if you do not enter the correct code before powering off.

For optimum performance, we suggest checking all the screws on your G4, especially the stem screws near the folding mechanism. Before we tightened this particular screw, the silver clasp on the stem lock wasn’t connecting fully and there was a slight stem wobble. Once tight, the stem lock worked correctly, there was zero wobble, and no noise while riding. 

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Gotrax G4: Review Conclusions

GOTRAX G4 rear fender and light

The Gotrax G4 is a solid entry-level scooter built for commuting, not high performance. With a complete feature set, best-in-class top speed and battery capacity, and those big, comfort-inducing tires, the G4 is a well-priced prize if you don’t mind a slightly slower start.

Check price and availability for the Gotrax G4 in your country.

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

If the Gotrax line doesn’t fit your needs, check out our ESG Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

Gotrax G4 Specifications From Manufacturer

Weight36 lb
Folded dimensions45 by 19 by 20 in
Motor power, continuous350 W
Top speed20 mph
Range25 mi
Battery capacity374 Wh
Battery recharge time4 hrs
Max rider weight220 lb
Brake typeRegenerative + Disc
Tire type10.0 in Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP54



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