Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Scooter

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We might be biased, but electric scooters come with definite advantages: they have a sleek design and numerous other features to provide a trouble-free riding experience both on and off road.

If you haven’t ridden an e-scooter, you should, they can be super fun.

However, since there are different companies manufacturing electric scooters, it’s crucial, crucial crucial to have a general idea before making a buying decision.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Scooter and what you should be looking out for.

1. Best Alternate Mode of Transportation

Bigger rider blowing by on Kaabo Mantis
The Mantis is light, but surpsingly fast | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Needless to say, electric scooters are cheap by transportation standards.

Even the more high-end electric scooters–the super flashy, nice-looking scooters–will still be cheaper than a used car.

Electric scooters are simply the best when it comes to choosing an alternative mode of transportation.

We all know what’s going on with the gas prices. And sometimes ride shares like Uber and Lyft can be super expensive.

Paul did an amazing video about the cost of owning an electric scooter and how you can save money.Check out the video below

2. Portability

Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Scooter: Portability
Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Scooter: Portability

Not all of them are, but:

Most electric scooters are portable.

Some can be taken easily into a home and stored in tight places.

Some can be carried upstairs effortlessly.

Some scooter brands can be carried like a case.

Some come with holding straps to aid in carrying them

Unagi Model One Carrying Bag

Uscooters Carrying Strap

Booster Sport folded and resting on the ground

Plus, you can easily store them in a car as well.

3. Easy to Maintain

For us, the worst thing about owning a vehicle is the maintenance. We hate oil changes, brakes, rotors, air conditioners…

Everything is a hassle when you own a car.

You either have the knowledge to fix your vehicle when it breaks, or you need to pay someone to fix it.

Either way, you have to factor in time to maintain them, which is where an electric scooter is easier to maintain.

Labeled diagram of electric scooter components to check before riding

The design is quite simply effortless. Yes, you still need to maintain the handlebars, the decks, the brakes, and little things like that.

But the hassle of maintaining an e-scooter is minimal in comparison to maintaining a car.

Plus, some companies even offer warranty plans for their e-scooters.

Please bear in mind – warranties vary by company.


Scooter Racing - stack of scooter tires, different treads, low angle

Some electric scooters have solid tires that don’t need air.

The rest have air-filled tires which do need to be checked regularly to keep them going.

But even having to maintain the tires on your e-scooter will still save you time and money, compared to a vehicle.

Trust us.

4. Fun and Enjoyment

Scooters are lit.

If you need a break and you want that free feeling of air rushing through your helmet, your hair, or to just let go, scooters can offer that.

There’s nothing like going on a group ride with two or three of your friends – you’re just breezing along, living your best life.

5. Time Saver

Traffic congestion in cities is a real problem.

In the Bay Area, for example, and like many other busy cities, time is the issue. You literally waste so much time (and money) sitting in traffic.

Electric scooters can help you save a lot of time on the road.

When you ride an electric scooter and you come across heavy traffic, simply take a shortcut through the streets, through a shopping mall parking lot, and through a park.

You can’t do that in a car.

Plus, riding an e-scooter you will also save precious time otherwise spent at gas stations, finding somewhere to park.

Saving time generally is the main reason we tell family and friends they need to get an electric scooter.

Take Ramier for example:

“I took a trip to the grocery store – less than a mile from my house. It took 45 minutes. The next day my wife asked me to go back to the store again. I took a backpack and my scooter and the round trip took just 15 minutes.”

That right there convinced him that scooters save time.

Their ability to slash through the streets safely, to take a back road here and there. It’s a no-brainer.

Commuting via Electric Scooter

If you take the train to work, you can use an electric scooter to get you to the train station.

It beats walking, it beats bike riding.

And yes, we know if you ride a bike it’s a great, healthy thing to do, but do you really want to get sweaty in the morning?

Greener Means of Transport

Electric scooters are a greener mode of transport than petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.

Electric scooters are powered by batteries, so there is no emissions of harmful gases. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact. Electric scooters are also very quiet, meaning that they cause less noise pollution than other vehicles. This can be beneficial in built-up areas where noise levels are already high.

Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Scooter

Having a scooter will save you some time and it can get you to where you need to go.

So, that’s our list. Please feel free to leave a comment on our Youtube video and let us know your top five reasons why you bought an electric scooter.

Be safe, until next time.



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