Dualtron Storm Limited Scooter P-Settings Guide

Dualtron Storm Limited Scooter P-Settings Guide

After conducting extensive tests with the incredibly powerful Dualtron Storm Limited electric scooter, we’ve come up with some stellar P-setting recommendations. If you’re looking to replicate our experience, then the following configurations are exactly what we found to provide the best performance:

ESG’s Preferred P-Settings for Dualtron Storm Limited

P-Setting DescriptionValue
P0: Tire Diameter                      Set to 10.1 (for a more accurate speedometer)
P1: Voltage                          84V (don’t change)
P2: Motor Magnets15 (don’t change)
P3:                                                 0 (don’t change)
P4: Speed Units  1.0 mph
P5: Start Method  0 (Zero Start)
P6: Cruise Control  0 (Cruise Control Off)
P7: Slow Start    0 Power Start (Some may prefer P7 = 1 or 2)
P8: Max Output100%
P9: Battery Save3 (No Save)
PA: Electronic Brake Strength1 (minimal)
Pb: Display Brightness5 (Maximum)
PC: Auto-Off Timer   30 (30 minutes)
Pd: ABS  0 (off. It’s not true ABS. It would be better described as pulsed regenerative braking)


  • For normal riding, ensure that ECO mode is on so you can enjoy a smooth performance without burning too much battery juice. 
  • When it’s time to take your ride to the next level with some aggressive riding, use the same P-settings and switch off the ECO mode for maximum performance. And if you really want to go all out with some insane acceleration, double-click the throttle for an extra burst of power; just make sure that you wait until the initial wheel spin has had time to subside!
Dualtron Storm Limited Scooter

We understand that not everyone wants to go through the same trial-and-error process as we did, so this is a great starting point for getting the most out of your ride. Of course, every individual’s needs are unique, so feel free to adjust these settings according to your own particular requirements.



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