E-TWOW GT 2020 Review: Boss of Ultraportables

E-TWOW GT 2020 electric scooter on a dock
E-TWOW GT cockpit with rubber buttons and accelerator
New E-TWOW 2020 rubber deck
Rear drum and foot brake of the E-TWOW GT electric scooter
Close up of front wheel motor on E-TWOW GT
Man riding the E-TWOW GT electric scooter
Underside of the E-TWOW GT 2020 showing spring suspension
E-TWOW GT 2020 in folded configuration
E-TWOW GT 2020 electric scooter on a dock
E-TWOW GT cockpit with rubber buttons and accelerator
New E-TWOW 2020 rubber deck
Rear drum and foot brake of the E-TWOW GT electric scooter
Close up of front wheel motor on E-TWOW GT
Man riding the E-TWOW GT electric scooter
Underside of the E-TWOW GT 2020 showing spring suspension
E-TWOW GT 2020 in folded configuration

E-TWOW GT 2020


This an in-depth review of the E-TWOW GT 2020 also know as the UScooters Booster GT 2020 — an ultraportable electric scooter that we are calling the Boss of Ultraportables.

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 23.4 mph*
Tested range: 15.2 mi*
Weight: 29 lb
Max rider weight: 280 lb
Water resistance: None


Seriously ultraportable
Low maintenance
Best in class range
Best in class braking
Small tires are not as stable

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Our Take: Under 30 lb Scooter That’s Actually Fast (and Super Compact)

Man riding the GT 2020 on flat ground

The E-TWOW GT 2020, also known as the UScooster Booster GT, is literally the BOSS of ultra-portable electric scooters. It is the most powerful, fastest, and longest-range electric scooter that is light enough (under 30 lbs) and compact enough to be in the ultraportable category.

We think the GT 2020 is perfect for the rider who wants an ultraportable scooter that is actually fast. The GT is uncompromising and offers 15.2 miles of real-world range and a 23.4 mph top speed. Unlike other ultraportables, it has a real mechanical brake that is easily activated by a hand lever.

The UScooters Booster GT 2020 is also available in a smart edition (E-TWOW GT 2020 SE), which connects to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app.

Best Alternatives and Competitors

Model Top Speed** Range** Weight** Price
UScooters Booster GT 23.4 mph 15.2 mi - $1,049
Inokim Light 2 20.7 mph 16.0 mi 30 lb $999
UScooters Booster V 23.9 mph 12.6 mi 26 lb $949
UScooters Booster Sport 24.3 mph 11.8 mi 25 lb $799
Glion Dolly 15.8 mph 14.6 mi 29 lb $429

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E-TWOW GT 2020 Review

Performance Summary

Acceleration (0 to 15 mph)5.4 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)8.7 seconds
Top speed23.4 mph
Braking distance (15 to 0 mph)16.4 feet
Range15.2 miles
Hill climb14.4 seconds


Man riding the E-TWOW GT electric scooter

We tested the acceleration of the E-TWOW GT 2020 using our high-precision Racelogic GPS system. The GT 2020 accelerated to 15 mph in 5.4 seconds and to 20 mph in 8.7 seconds.

For comparison, this is the fastest acceleration of any ultra-portable electric scooter we’ve ever tested. See the table below for acceleration times of other ultra-portables.

Scooter0 to 15 mph0 to 20 mph
E-TWOW GT 20205.4 s8.7 s
Inokim Light 25.7 s13.9 s
Booster V5.7 s10.6 s
Booster Sport6.3 s10.2 s
Glion Dolly9.4 s
Shared Scooter~6 s

This is due to the GT’s powerful 700-watt electric motor that is 200-watts more powerful than its nearest competitor, the UScooters Booster V.

Hill Climb

Many ultra-portable electric scooters have weak motors that do fine on the flat but don’t have enough torque to carry you up a steep hill.

We tested the hill-climbing performance of the E-TWOW GT on our standardized 200 ft, 10% grade hill with a 165 lb rider. The GT completed the test in 14.4 seconds at an average speed of 9.5 mph.

The GT was faster than any other ultra-portable. It even held its own against the dual-motor Unagi Model One (12.5 seconds @ 10.9 mph) which isn’t small enough to be considered an ultra-portable.

Compare with other scooters on our performance page.

Top Speed

We tested the top speed of GT 2020 to be 23.4 mph with a 165 lb rider on a flat road. The E-TWOW GT is significantly faster than the Glion Dolly (15.8 mph) and dual-motor Unagi E500 (23.4 mph, unlocked).

However, the GT doesn’t have quite the highest top speed for ultra-portables. In fact, it’s a hair slower than the Booster Sport and Booster V, which had top speeds of 24.3 mph and 23.9 mph.


The E-TWOW has a 504 watt hour lithium-ion battery made of Samsung 35E cells, which gives it the furthest range of any ultra-portable electric scooter we’ve tested.

The GT 2020 recorded 11.8 miles on our ESG certified range test.

For comparison, the Booster Sport (11.8 miles), Booster V (12.6 miles), and Glion Dolly 14.6 miles all had shorter ranges. Even the Unagi Model One, which is in the next size class up, had a significantly shorter range (8.5 miles).

Compare this scooter with every other one that we’ve ranged-tested on our performance comparison page.


Rear drum and foot brake of the E-TWOW GT electric scooter

One of the most significant upgrades that the new ETWOW GT 2020 has is a dedicated rear drum brake that gives strong, reliable braking. The GT also features an electronic brake controlled by a thumb lever and rear, foot (stomp) brake.

We tested the 15 mph braking distance of the GT and got 16.4 feet. Again, this is best in class — besting the other UScooters by a few feet. It also crushed the Glion Dolly, which took more than 40 feet to come to a stop.

Because electronic brakes aren’t powerful on their own, you would typically need to use a mechanical method to stop quickly in an emergency. Every other ultra-portable relies on a foot brake, which is activated by stomping on the rear fender. This makes for an uncomfortable riding position to have your foot ready all the time.

The most significant benefit of the dedicated drum brake is that the GT can be stopped quickly by squeezing the hand lever. This comfortable for longer rides, but also allows for quick emergency braking.

Learn about different electric scooter brake types.

Ride Quality

Like other ultra-portable scooters, the E-TWOW GT excels on smooth roads. It has an even larger deck and a hand brake, so you don’t have to ride with your rear foot hovering over the foot brake. The GT has a front and rear suspension to help soak up bumps in the road and has the best ride quality of any ultraportable we’ve tested.

Underside of the E-TWOW GT 2020 showing spring suspension

However, on poor roads, you’re definitely going to feel the bumps. The tires are made of solid, stiff rubber and don’t offer the cushion that you’ll get from air-filled (pneumatic) tires. In wet conditions, you’ll need to be extra careful; the tires have less traction making you more prone to sliding, and braking distances will be increased.

Because of its smaller deck and narrow handlebars riding for long distances isn’t the most comfortable. The ride quality of this scooter is really tuned for shorter distances.

E-TWOW GT 2020 Features


E-TWOW GT 2020 in folded configuration

Overall, the new E-TWOW 2020 is one of the most portable electric scooters you can buy. It weighs just 29 lbs and folds into an exceedingly compact 45 inches long by 6 inches wide by 13 inches tall.

Close up of an electric scooter folding mechanism

Everything on this scooter folds, and each folding mechanism is superbly engineered. The handlebars quickly fold and unfold via a spring-loaded mechanism. The stem is telescoping, allowing the handlebars’ height to be adjusted from 36.0 inches up to a maximum of 39.2 inches. Finally, the stem folds via a very quick and easy-to-use latch. When unfolding the scooter, the latch locks into place with an audible click.

Nylon carrying handle for the GT 2020 electric scooter

One of our favorite features about the GT is its built-in nylon carrying handle that provides a comfortable grip for carrying your E-TWOW one-handed.


E-TWOW GT cockpit with rubber buttons and accelerator

The new GT 2020 has an LCD and cockpit that are unique to the E-TWOW. The display is large, backlit, and bright both at night and in full sunlight. The display shows all your vital information, including speed, odometer, battery temperature, and battery level.

The display and controls are easy to manipulate via large rubberized buttons that built into the central cockpit.

To either side of the display are plastic levers including the thumb throttle (right) and electronic brake (left). Both are well made and ergonomically placed for control by your thumbs. We note that the E-TWOW has some of the narrowest handlebars we’ve seen — just 15-inches long — that takes some getting used to.


Electric scooter LED headlights

The scooter has an array of high-mounted white LEDs and a red LED taillight that activates when the brake lever is depressed.

The lights do a fair job of lighting your way at night, but we always recommend additional bike lights if you’re riding on dark roads at speed.

See our guide to staying visible when riding at night.


Close up of front wheel motor on E-TWOW GT

The scooter has solid (airless) 8.0 inch tires that are ultra-durable and zero-maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about getting a flat with these tires because they are filled with rubber.

The main downside to solid tires is that they do not cushion your ride like air-filled ones, and they do not provide as good of traction in wet conditions.

Learn more about electric scooter tire types.


New E-TWOW 2020 rubber deck

The new GT has the most standing space of an ultraportable electric scooter — 20.2 inches by 5.7 inches. The deck is coated in a thick rubber material that is comfortable to stand on, but also grippy.

The deck has about 3.0 inches of ground clearance, meaning that you should be able to clear some curbs, though you’ll want to be cautious on higher ones.

Warranty / Post-Purchase Support

The E-TWOW GT 2020 (also called the Booster GT 2020) has a one-year warranty and US-based support if purchased from UScooters.

UScooters is the the oldest Authorized E-TWOW distributor and has been operating in the U.S. since 2014.

Build Quality

Electric scooter wheels and deck

The scooter has excellent build quality — it is perhaps the absolute best in this industry. Unlike many other electric scooters that are cobbled together from universal parts circulating around in the supply chain, E-TWOW has its own supply chain. You won’t see their parts on other scooters. The components, including the motor, are designed to work well together, making for a product with extraordinary quality and fit-and-finish.

E-TWOW scooters are known for their quality and durability. We’ve seen reports (and odometer pictures) from owners that have exceeded 10000 miles with few maintenance issues.

The scooter uses quality Samsung lithium-ion batteries that should give you 500-1,000 charging cycles, equating to a maximum of 15000 miles before their capacity is compromised. The main maintenance issue you’ll experience is wearing out the tires, which have several thousand-mile life, depending on riding behavior.

The GT has a max rider weight of 280 pounds.

E-TWOW GT 2020: Review Conclusions

Close up of fender and taillight of GT 2020 electric scooter

If the GT 2020 isn’t the scooter you’re looking for, check out our suggested alternative scooters. You can also check out our Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.


The E-TWOW GT and E-TWOW GT 2020 are nearly identical scooters, except the GT 2020 has better brake, increased weight, and a dedicated kickstand. You can compare the GT with the GT 2020 using the table below.

GTGT 2020
Weight27.1 lb28.7 lb
BrakesRegen + FootRegen + Foot + Drum

Otherwise, the E-TWOW GT and GT 2020 are identical in terms of motor, performance, form-factor, batteries, and other features.

E-TWOW GT 2020 Specifications

ModelBooster GT
Weight29 lb
Folded dimensions45 by 6 by 13 in
Motor power, continuous700 W
Top speed25 mph
Range31 mi
Battery capacity504 Wh
Battery recharge time5 hrs
Max rider weight280 lb
Brake typeRegenerative + Drum
Tire type8.0 in Solid + Solid
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceNone



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