Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Review: 5 Things We Noticed About This Wickedly Fun Ride

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X


Kaabo Wolf Warrior X review: when Kaabo brought the stability of a dual-stem front end to the light-heavyweight class of scooters, something magical happened — the Wolf Warrior X.

They probably meant to build a smaller, less expensive Wolf Warrior.

What they ended up with was a better Wolf Warrior (provided that you’re under 220 lbs).

The Wolf Warrior X and X Pro deliver impressive range, speed, handling, and comfort while seeming to give up nothing but weight. They also had some surprises for us. When we tested the performance of the base-model X vs. the X Pro, the base did some shocking things (all of them good). You’ve got to see the data!

We don’t know how these two scooters have flown under the radar for so long. They’ve got the stability and speed of a Wolf Warrior 11+, better handling than the Mantis Pro, range for days, and a size that passes the trunk test (barely).

What we do know is that if you ride one, it may steal your heart, and everyone around you may become jealous of your X.

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 44.1 mph*
Tested range: 32.0 mi*
Weight: 80 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Best lighting for night riding
Excellent stability
Will fit into sedan trunk
Fragile side lights
Poor throttle ergonomics
Difficult to read display

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Our Take: “Small” Wolf Warrior has BIG performance and COLOSSAL range

This Wolf is a blast to ride | Credit: Ramier J. / ESG

We all know the Wolf Warrior 11: the original beast-scooter and one of the world’s best heavyweights both on and off-road. At over 100 lbs, even the best heavyweights can be hard to live with on a daily basis. So Kaabo solved that problem by bringing out the slimmed-down 10-inch tire, Wolf Warrior X, which retains the best things about the Wolf Warrior 11 in a package that’s a perfect fit for most riders between 160 lbs to 220 lbs.  

Close up of the Wolf Warrior X hydraulic front suspenssion
Like it’s bigger, older brothers, the Warrior X has an oil-damped front fork | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The signature element of any Wolf Warrior is the oil-damped, super stable dual-stem front end. But it takes more than front forks to make a Wolf a Warrior: high ground clearance, bulletproof build, and the world’s best scooter headlights complete the package. 

At a retail price of $1,899, the base-model X is the first Wolf Warrior to break into the light-heavyweight price category. 

For $400 more, the Pro gives you a 33% larger battery made with LG cells, a Minimotors controller, and an EY3 display, which is effortless to read in bright light. 

The Warrior X and X Pro are fun, but relatively easy to ride | Credit: Paul S. / ESG

While it’s tempting to think of the X and X Pro as the junior members of the family, the fact is: that they out-corner Wolf Warriors and Wolf Kings on the racetrack, sometimes turning all-together faster lap times.

The Wolf X and Pro also out brake 91% of all scooters we’ve ever tested, including the Wolf 11+ and King. The smooth power, exceptional handling, and easy-to-control brakes make the X and X Pro supremely confidence-inspiring scooters. 

They’re very easy to ride very fast.

At this point, we wish we could pull you through the screen for a ride because even if you’ve ridden a Wolf Warrior 11+ or King, there is some extra magic to the 10-inch tire version. 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro Cockpit
Wolf Warrior X cockpit | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

We love a “complete package,” so we’re delighted that the Wolf X and Warrior both come out of the box equipped with everything you need: comfy handlebars, dazzling headlights, turn signals that really work, and a motorcycle-grade horn. 

At 39 inches high, we were pleasantly surprised that the handlebars are 1 inch taller than the often-modified handlebars of the 11+ and King, making them much more comfortable for long rides. This is good because the X Pro will carry you 10 miles further than the Wolf Warrior 11+ before needing to recharge. 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X in folded configuration
The Wolf X folds and will fit into the trunk of many sedans | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The stems on the Wolf and Wolf X are much easier and intuitive to fold than the front ends of the big wolves, but the “smaller” Wolf scooters are still not something you’re going to want to toss in the trunk every day. That said, the rear grab handle makes them easier to pick up than their near 80 lb weight would suggest. With my 165 lb medium build, I’d be ok with trunk-hauling about once a week and maybe carrying them up five stairs in my daily commute. 

By far, the biggest surprise for us in testing the Wolf X and Pro was that the less-expensive base model Wolf X had quicker acceleration, better hill climbing, and higher top speed than the Pro model.

The scooters were tested, then re-tested. P-settings were checked and re-checked, but the results never wavered: the base model is just faster. A little digging revealed that this is due to the base model’s 30 A sinewave controller and the Pro model’s 27 A squarewave controller from Minimotors. The sinewave controller explains why the throttle of the base model was noticeably smoother. 

To sum it all up. If you weigh more than 220 lbs or do heavy off-roading, you’re probably best off with one of the big wolves. If you need 40 miles of range, then the X-Pro is the way to go.

But unless you need one or more of the above things: Just get the Wolf Warrior X. It’s the bomb.

Best Alternatives and Competitors

Comparison scooters section

Model Top Speed** Range** Weight** Price
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro 42.9 mph 40.9 mi 79 lb $2,399
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 45.0 mph 30.2 mi 108 lb $2,899
Kaabo Mantis Pro 37.0 mph 33.7 mi 65 lb $2,299
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X 44.1 mph 32.0 mi 80 lb $1,899

Is It Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders? -Yes 

Larger man riding the Wolf Warrior X / Pro
The X and X Pro are Big Dawg approved | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The X and X-Pro are definitely big Dawg approved.

While Ramier couldn’t stop smiling while riding the Wolf Warrior X base model, he still feels like the Wolf Warrior and Wolf King better fit his ~250 lb rider weight. But the X and X Pro are still among his favorite scooters in the light-heavyweight class, because they’re fast and stable at high speed, like the big wolves.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X / X Pro Review

Performance Summary

Acceleration (0 to 15 mph)2.1 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)3.0 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 25 mph)4.1 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 30 mph)5.7 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 35 mph)8.1 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 40 mph)12.0 seconds
Top speed44.1 mph
Braking distance (15 to 0 mph)9.9 feet
Range32.0 miles
Hill climb7.8 seconds


Acceleration test and top speed run | Credit: Paul S. / ESG

The X’s are smaller and lighter than a Wolf Warrior 11+, but are they as quick?


The Wolf Warrior 11+ and Mantis Pro are the quickest of the group from zero to 20 mph. But the X’s are by no means slow. The base model X beats the lightning-fast Mantis Pro to 30 mph and every speed beyond. 

The Wolf Warrior X is the first base model scooter that is quicker (i.e., 0 to 30 mph) and faster (top speed) than the Pro model.

Wolf Warrior X is actually quicker and has a higher top speed than the Pro model. Most of the difference is due to the base having a motor controller, which strangely is spec’d at 10% higher amps than the Pro. 

It’s not just the acceleration of the base model, which is remarkable, but also the way it’s delivered. 

Only a handful of scooters in the world come with sinewave controllers, and this is one of them.

Among other advantages, including running quieter and more efficiently, sinewave controllers are known for smoother throttle control. We cannot get enough of them and hope that they’re the dominant type of motor controllers a year from now. 

Hill Climb

The Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf Warrior X base models are among the top 10 fastest scooters to scale our 10% test hill. 

Here again, another surprise: the base model beats the Pro by more than half a second.

Top Speed

While they don’t have the arm yanking quickness of the Wolf Warrior 11+, the X and X Pro have all the top speed you’ll ever need. 

They both easily beat the Mantis Pro. Here again, the base-model Wolf X bests its big brother, the X Pro, and comes surprisingly close to the top speed of the Wolf Warrior 11+. 


Less weight usually means less range. So at 22% pounds lighter than the Wolf Warrior 11+, you’d expect the X-Pro to have shorter range. But you’d be wrong. 

It defies convention again with 35% more range than the 11+. Not more range per pound. Straight up, more range. With its high capacity (1680 wh battery made from LG cells, the Wolf-X Pro has the 5th longest range of the 77 scooters we’ve walked home from the range-test-circuit. 

It covered 40.9 miles in top performance mode before I had to get off and started pushing.

The base model Wolf Warrior X which comes with a smaller (1260 wh) battery, still beat the Wolf Warrior 11+ on range. It also nearly matched the Mantis Pro, despite the Mantis’ larger (1470 wh) battery.


Close up of Warrior X rear disc brake and wheel
The Warrior X’s hydraulic discs provided the one of the best braking performances we’ve tested | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

All four comparison scooters are equipped with Zoom hydraulic brakes

Stopping the Wolf Warrior X’s required more hand strength than the Wolf Warrior 11+ or the Mantis Pro, but ironically, this led to better stopping distances because it was easier to find the limits of traction. 

The Wolf X’s beat the comparison scooters here and tie for 8th best braking distance ever, from 15 mph.

Ride Quality

Lower deck of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X deck | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The Wolf Warrior X and Pro are fantastic grand tourers.

With hydraulic dual-stem front suspension and spring/polyurethane suspension at the back end, these are scooters that will get you to your destination quickly and comfortably while carving corners the whole way. 

I have to agree with the Kaabo racing team here: The Wolf Warrior X is one of the best-handling scooters ever made.

You may not know that the Wolf’s dual-stem-build lends itself to less wobble at high speed due to its design. Think of an ice skater with their arms spread out. They spin somewhat slowly compared to when they bring their arms inward.  The more weight that’s further from the pivot point, the more force it will take to rotate left and right, so a dual stem front end will naturally have less rotational wobble and less need for a steering damper than a scooter with a single stem. The twin dual clamp-collars also mean no wobble front to back.

Handlebar height is a very comfortable 39 inches from the deck, surprisingly more than 1 inch taller than the Wolf Warrior 11+. This is a very good thing, as our favorite handlebars are usually around 40 inches tall.

Wolf Warrior X scooters come standard from most retailers with road tires. They have excellent grip, and their quiet tread pattern helps reveal the scooter’s silent motors and rattle-free ride. 

Off-road tires are also available and relatively easy to change because of the split rims.


Wolf Warrior X base model LCD display throttle and cockpit
The Wolf Warrior X base comes with ubiquitous QS-S4 (LT01) throttle | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

To access P-settings on the base model (LT01 throttle), hold down the mode and power buttons at the same time for about 3 seconds.  You’ll be greeted by four zeros, “0000,” prompting you for a 4-digit code. The code for our scooter (and most Kaabo scooters) is 1500. 

Press the mode button once to index the first number upward, then press power once to advance to the following number. Press mode five more times to advance the second digit to “5”, then just hold down the power button to enter your code of 1500, now on screen. 

We liked the standard P-settings, with the following exceptions.

Wolf Warrior X (Based Model) P-Settings

P-SettingAs ReceivedOur Preferred
P0 Tire Diameter1010
P1 System Voltage53.053.0 (seems strange, but left it)
P2 Motor Magnetic Pole Setting3030
P3 Speed Signal Selection00
P4 Distance 0 = km, 1 = mi11
P5 Start setting. 0 = zero start10 (we run everything 0 start when we can)
P6 Cruise control00
P7 Initial Acceleration01 (faster is better right?)
P8 Electronic ABS10 (e-ABS is always awful)
P9 Speed Limit 0 – 100%100100
PA Clear Odometer001001
PB Auto Turn off time1010
PC Display Brightness33
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro Ey3 display throttle
The Warrior X Pro comes with Minimotors EY3 throttle | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Wolf Warrior X Pro P-Settings

P-SettingAs ReceivedOur Preferred
P0 Tire Diameter1010
P1 System Voltage6060
P2 Motor Magnetic Pole Setting1515
P3 Speed Signal Selection00
P4 Distance 0 = km, 1 = mi11
P5 Start setting. 0 = zero start10
P6 Cruise control00
P7 Initial Acceleration10 (0 = strongest)
P8 Speed Limit % of top speed100100
P9 Motor Torque (1= 50%)23
PA Regenerative braking11 (1= weak, 3 = strong)
PB Display Brightness34 (5 is brightest)
PC Scooter auto-turn off time1030
PD Electronic ABS00

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Features


Not super portable, but the X folds and can fit in most trunks | Credit: Ramier J. / ESG

At nearly 80 pounds each, the X and X Pro aren’t easy to toss into a trunk or carry upstairs. That said, being 22 pounds lighter and more than a foot shorter than the WW11+ means you can load up the X and X Pro by yourself without needing an SUV or Chuck’s great roll-it-in technique.

The X’s twin double-clamp folding mechanism takes about twice as long to fold and deploy as the Mantis’ clamp but is still faster and more intuitive than the big wolf’s cool but complex design, which makes the 11+ and King longer when folded.

The Wolf X and Pro are slightly shorter than the Mantis when folded and several inches taller but still (barely) pass our trunk test. The 62 lb Mantis is definitely the best of the group when it comes to portability.

It’s good to keep in mind that none of the comparison scooters have folding handlebars, so they’re all going to remain full-width all of the time.


Wolf Warrior X cockpit with brakes, horn, turn signals, and speedometer
The Wolf X’s cockpit looks good but you may prefer different grips | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Like other Kaabo scooters, the Wolf X’s grips don’t have great palm support, but they’re straightforward to change. Some of us think they’re ok as-is, but we can always tell when Chuck has been riding a Kaabo scooter because it will be the one wearing Apollo Ghost grips. 

Rubberized turn signal buttons on the Warrior X
Rubberized turn signal, lights, and horn buttons | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The new, rubberized headlight and turn signal buttons are within easy reach and light up to indicate which lights are active. They have an excellent tactile and audible click. The signals aren’t self-canceling, so if you’re like me, you’ll end up riding around with one or both blinkers on from time to time. The turbo and dual buttons look and feel great but continue to disappoint by making you guess which mode you’re in. 

The throttles are a mixed bag. The Base model Wolf X comes equipped with the LT01 throttle, which has better finger ergonomics as you can adjust it closer to the brake lever, but isn’t as easy to read in direct sunlight as the EY3. While easy on the eyes, the EY3’s bulk means a wider reach for your fingers between brake and throttle. This is true even when the two levers are adjusted as close together as can be.


Wolf Warrior X giant LED headlghts
The Warrior X has giant, ultra-bright LED headlights | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The X is the complete package for safety and one of the best scooters ever for night riding. Both models come with the same dazzling double-headlight as the 11+ and Wolf King. 

But also give you super-bright front and rear turn signals that double as hazard lights and brilliant deck lighting with an app that lets you control the light’s pattern, color, and speed. The app isn’t very intuitive to use, but it’s fun thumbing through the hundreds of presets. If you want to dig deeper, they include a good tutorial within the app. 


Close up of Wolf Warrior X rear fender and tires
The Warrior X’s 10-inch tires are quiet, nimble and relatively easy to change thanks to split rims | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The Wolf Warrior X scooters come standard from Fluid-Freeride with tubed pneumatic 10.0 in x 3-inch road tires. They have excellent grip, and their quiet tread pattern helps reveal the scooter’s silent motors and rattle-free ride. Off-road tires are also available and relatively easy to change because of the split rims. 


 Wolf Warrior X Deck with Kaabo logo and rubber material
The Warrior X’s deck is covered in grippy rubber and doesn’t let you forget what you’re riding | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The Wolf X’s deck is 1 inch longer than the deck of the Wolf Warrior 11+. But, it’s also 1 inches narrower, resulting in 13% less deck space overall, so it’s noticeably smaller than the 11+. However, deck space is still on par with most light-heavyweight scooters and gives the rider plenty of unobstructed room to move around during long rides.

The deck uses the same rubber surface as the big Wolf scooters, which has the advantage of being much easier to clean than grip tape, especially for mud. The ultimate grip isn’t quite as good as grip tape, but it gets the job done and looks great, especially when clean. 

Build Quality

Wolf Warrior X Pro in the folded configuration
Build quality is exactly what you expect from Kaabo | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Overall, fit and finish are everything you’d expect from a Wolf Warrior, except that the fragile plastic sidelights on the deck would make us reluctant to take it very far off road for fear of breaking them.

Almost everything about the Wolf X and Pro feels solid and well thought out. Besides needing to lubricate the area around the stem clamps to eliminate creaking on one of our two test scooters, the ride is exceptionally silent and rattle-free. 

It’s not official yet, but the Wolf X and Pro are expected to receive certification for IPX5 water resistance (resistant to jets of water). This exceeds the 11+’s IPX4 rating and all of the Mantis scooters, which presently have no rating at all. 

Like the big wolves, the X and X Pro rear fender protection isn’t great. If you decide to ride in the rain, you’ll definitely want to extend the rear fender, or you’re going to get sprayed with muddy water. 

Speaking of rear fenders: early units had problems with the rear tire rubbing on the inside of the fender over large bumps. We’re happy to report that this problem has been solved. Our resident Big Dawg, Ramier, reported no fender dragging issues on either of our Wolf X’s even when riding off of curbs. 

Wolf Warrior X Front Wheel End Caps
The Warrior X comes with stronger, forged aluminum end-caps | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Another recent upgrade from Kaabo is that all new Wolf Warrior scooters now come with stronger, forged aluminum end-caps. These were introduced as a response to end-caps breaking on a small number of Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf King scooters. 

We don’t like how the wiring on the side of the forks gets pinched when the handlebars bars are turned fully to the right. This is easy to avoid if you’re aware of it but would be even easier if Kaabo had just installed a proper steering stop.

The Wolf Warrior 11+ and the Wolf King are still the best choices for the very big dawgs due to their weight ratings. Maximum rider weight for the X is higher than most at 270 lb but still below the exceptional 330 lb spec of the 11+ and the King.

The motorcycle-grade horn is perfect in traffic, but you may want to add a bell to avoid startling pedestrians.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X kickstand
The Wolf X’s kickstand is effective, if not over-the-top | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The new cast aluminum side-stand is slightly cartoonish but also a welcome safety upgrade. It doesn’t stick out as far as the bladelike side-stand on the Wolf warrior 11+ and is much less likely to catch your ankle while pushing or dismounting the scooter.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X / X Pro: Review Conclusions

Man burning out on the Wolf Warrior X electric scooter
The Wolf Warrior X is a smaller and arguable better Wolf | Credit: Ramier J. / ESG

The Wolf-Warrior X is not just an easier to live with, less expensive Wolf Warrior, but a better Wolf Warrior for most purposes.  I think it’s also a better Mantis Pro because the suspension and handling are outstanding.

It’s challenging to summarize the Wolf X scooters without gushing. They have nearly the same top speed and stability as a Wolf Warrior 11+ but better range. 

They pass the trunk test like a Mantis Pro but handle better. They’re mid-priced and right out of the box; each is a complete package for riding at night and safety, including out-stopping just about everything. 

So if the Wolf X and X Pro haven’t been on your radar, they definitely should be, especially if you’re under 220 lbs. 

As for which we like better: the X or X Pro? This one is easy. Unless you need 40 miles of range, get the base model. 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Technical Specifications

ModelWolf Warrior X
Weight75 lb
Folded dimensions48 by 25 by 23 in
Motor power, continuous2200 W
Top speed43 mph
Range60 mi
Battery capacity1260 Wh
Battery recharge time4.6 to 14 hrs
Max rider weight270 lb
Brake typeDisc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire type10.0 in Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIPX5



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