Mantis 8 Pro vs. Apollo Ghost: Which Dual Motor Scooter Reigns Supreme?

Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro vs. Apollo Ghost

In this Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro versus the Apollo Ghost comparison, we pit two of our favorite scooters against each other in dual motor showdown. The Ghost holds its own against a significantly more expensive scooter, even besting it for top speed, while the Mantis 8 Pro overwhelms with acceleration out of the gate

Both the Mantis 8 Pro and Apollo Ghost are built for big dawgs with the Ghost handling riders up to 300 lbs. The 8 Pro tops out at 270 lbs for payload, but makes up with amazing ride quality and solid suspension on its smaller, wider tubeless pneumatic 8.0 in tires. 

Both the Mantis 8 Pro and Apollo Ghost have great lighting for safe riding, with low-mounted headlights and taillights at the corners of their decks. They also have eye-catching swag lighting, with white LEDs on the Mantis 8 and blue LEDS running down either side of the Ghost.

There’s a lot to like about these dual motor scooters, as they both pack great features and performance. 

Kaabo Mantis 8 vs. Apollo Ghost Comparison

Apollo GhostKaabo Mantis 8
Max Rider Weight300 lb270 lb
ESG Tested Specs
Weight64 lb60 lb
Top Speed38.4 mph35.9 mph
Range22.3 mi27.6 mi
0 to 15 mph2.3 s2.4 s
0 to 20 mph3.6 s3.6 s
0 to 25 mph5.3 s5.2 s
0 to 30 mph7.9 s7.4 s
0 to 35 mph13.0 s11.9 s
0 to 40 mph--
BrakesFront: Disc
Rear: Disc
Front: Zoom Hydraulic
Rear: Zoom Hydraulic
Tires10 x 3 in
Front: Inner Tube
Rear: Inner Tube
8 x 3 in
Front: Tubeless
Rear: Tubeless
SuspensionFront: Spring
Rear: Spring
Front: Spring
Rear: Spring
LightsFront: Low
Rear: Low
Front: Low
Rear: Low
IP Rating--
Throttle TypeQS-S4 TriggerEY3 Trigger
Deck Width9.0 in8.3 in
Deck Length18.3 in18.5 in
Folded Length51 in45 in
Folded Width15 in24 in
Folded Height21 in19 in
Acceleration curves for Kaabo Mantis 8 and Apollo Ghost

Pros & Cons

Range Is King, Mantis 8 Pro Reigns Supreme

  • Range is king The Ghost floated back into the lab having logged just 22.3 miles in the range test, in spite of weighing an ESG certified 6 lbs more than its competitor. The Mantis covered 24% more ground with a 27.6 mile range which makes sense, as the 8 Pro’s brand-name battery is rated at 24% more capacity. 
  • Better build quality The 8 Pro gets an A+ for both stem flex and noise, as there’s a satisfying motor thrum at higher speeds but no unwanted rattling. The Pro stays firmly beneath you, accelerating smoothly and quickly, feeling secure at speed. It has superb fit and finish with a very durable build that helps you ride with confidence.
  • Satisfying ride quality It’s the  #1 factor that makes our team feel like they would want to own a particular scooter or not. It’s the  x factor, or in this case the “M” factor, because the Mantis just 100% has it. Don’t get us wrong, the Ghost is really well made, but just doesn’t feel quite as polished. The Mantis’ firm, predictable suspension and zero-wobble stem had us bounding off of speed bumps with confidence. The Ghost’s mechanical disc brakes, while the strongest mechanical disc brakes we’ve ever seen, are harder to control at the limit than the Mantis’ full hydraulics. 
  • Better fenders The 8 Pro has frame-mounted fenders that have a slightly wider arc that aims the water downward. Whether it’s water or leaves, the fenders on the 8 Pro have you covered. The Ghost has wheel-mounted fenders that cover a narrow arc of the tire, and allow water and debris to kick up onto the rider.

Apollo Ghost Is So Much Bang for Your Buck

Apollo Ghost electric scooter - man riding scooter to left of frame, going fast, full view
  • Lower cost, great deal The Ghost sets a staggeringly high bar for raw performance per dollar; especially if you consider that buyers from the United States pay no sales tax or shipping, and get a free upgrade or accessory from Apollo.
  • Better portability Although the Ghost is a little heavier than the 8 Pro, it’s got folding handlebars and a narrower build for a more compact folded footprint. Both scooters can be folded or unfolded in under a minute, but the Ghost takes a little more time since you have to futz with the handlebars. Another nice feature that they both have is a stem that clasps to the deck. The stem lock makes it easier to hoist the scooter into a car’s trunk or carry up a flight of stairs.
  • Stronger braking The Ghost has slightly better stopping power, with a braking distance of 10.6 feet. However, the abrupt suspension and forward sloping deck, can make it a handful to haul-down in a hurry.
  • Splashproof The Apollo Ghost has an IP54 resistance rating, so it’s considered splashproof. The Mantis 8 Pro does not come with an IP rating, but Manti have been known to ride pretty well in light rain. Keep in mind that no scooter warranty covers water damage.
  • Faster recharge We all have to recharge, and so do our scooters. The Ghost comes with dual charging ports so you can get back to one hundred a bit faster, while there’s only one charging port on the 8 Pro.


Apollo Ghost for value

There’s a reason both the Apollo Ghost and Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro are ESG favorites; they’re both good looking scooters that stand out for having amazing performance, and are just really fun to ride.

If you’ve got a little more to spend and want a more luxurious experience, the Mantis 8 Pro rides as nicely as other Pro scooters, like the Mantis 10 Pro or Apollo Pro, just on smaller tires and with zero stem wobble.

Check price and availability for the Apollo Ghost in your country.

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Mantis 8 Pro for quality

The Apollo Ghost is a scooter that we could recommend to almost anyone looking to go fast, as its price is a great budget for a dual motor scooter and its performance is one of the best we’ve seen this year.

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.



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